Magical Kisses

One of the best things about being a mother is that your kisses make everything better.  They’re magical.  Amazingly, my boys believe in that magic as I kiss away the pain.

Last night the boys had a scuffle, which is now par for the course.  Tornado S received an injury.  Nothing serious, just a little energetic move by Tornado E.  Tornado S came moaning to me.

Tornado S: Mommy!  I hurt!

He rubbed his head.  I gathered him up onto my lap and kissed his head

Me:  All better.

Tornado S: Thank you, Mommy!

I slid out of my lap, walked over to the TV, and carefully bumped his head on the TV stand.

Tornado S:  Ow!  Mommy!  I hurt!

He rubbed his head and walked back to me.  I stifled a laugh and kissed his head.

Me: All better.

Tornado S: Thank you, Mommy!

He walked away.  He knelt down by the coffee table and carefully bumped his head.

Tornado S: Ow! Mommy!  I hurt!

He rubbed his head and walked back to me.  I laughed.  I pulled him onto my lap.

Me: Tornado S, you don’t have to get hurt to get kisses.

Tornado S:  I hurt!

I kissed him, and he slid off my lap and walked back to the coffee table.

Me: Tornado S!  Don’t hurt yourself!  Mommy will give you kisses whenever you want them.  Just tell me you want some.

Tornado S shot me a dubious look.  Then he lifted his head to aim it for the coffee table.

Me: No, Tornado S.  No hurting yourself.

He went back to trying.  I dove and covered him kisses.

Tornado S:  Thank you, Mommy!  I all better.

He walked away.


11 Responses to “Magical Kisses”

  1. theycallmejane Says:

    Oh how precious! I love these sweet moments with our children. Thanks for sharing and giving *me* a warm fuzzy in the process!

  2. abonjour Says:

    Magical kisses. I like the terminology. when my 5 month old falls over from sitting up, he looks confused in the moment, then he decides that he’s going to cry. I try to smile and say something like “nice fall bud” in a happy affirming tone in the moment of confusion (pre-crying) and it usually makes him happy enough to avoid the whole crying thing… Good times being a parent. God bless, thanks for sharing this post.

  3. insider53 Says:

    Okay, is it a boy or a girl…….I’m on tenderhooks. It is a magical time in a childs life when they really do believe that Mom can do anything. I kinda miss it a little, sometimes, late at night, once in a while.

  4. abonjour Says:

    I ended up writing a poem on my blog about magical kisses after reading your post. I think parents have superpowers. here’s the link.

  5. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Oh, what a sweet child.

  6. Ink Says:

    That is freakin’ adorable!!!!!

  7. faemom Says:

    jane~ My pleasure!
    abonjour~ It’s amazing how much they believe and trust us. It just makes you want to make sure they never hurt ever. Oh and that is a wondeful poem.
    insider~ What? They stop believing I can do anything? Damnit.
    TKW~ He is as long as he doesn’t hit his head too hard.
    Ink~ I know! Except the pain inflicting thing. That’s just wierd.

  8. zeemaid Says:

    awww how sweet is that. I love that a kiss and sympathetic noises (any will do) makes it all better. 😉

  9. faemom Says:

    Now if it would work for everything.

  10. Gibby Says:

    So sweet. I wish I could go back to the day when magical kisses cured all of my problems. Oh well, at least I can cure someone else’s, right?

  11. faemom Says:

    And isn’t that just awesome?!

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