But how do they know?

Tornado E: But I want a baby girl!

Me: Why?

Tornado E: Because I want to dance with her when she gets older!


Me: Well, it’s probably going to be a baby boy.

Tornado E: How can you tell?

Me: Well, the doctor took a special camera and looked.  She’s pretty sure it’s a boy.

The Husband: Probably?  Pretty sure?

Me: Shut up.  They make mistakes.

Ok, maybe I’m not as resigned to this boy thing as I pretend to be.

But the next person to ask if I’m disappointed, I’ll punch in the face.  Luckily they have only asked my mom, who waves them off with a “Of course not, she’s having a baby.”  But then Christmas is coming with all that family.  This may be an interesting family get-together.

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12 Responses to “But how do they know?”

  1. theycallmejane Says:

    Oh, do I feel for you! Especially with the holidays and connecting with all of those nosy relatives. I wish I could think of some quick, snappy response to some of the dumb questions you’ll get but I’m horrible in that department. I only think of them hours later when I’m alone, brushing my teeth still fuming at their stupidity. Maybe you could tell them “Yes, we’re all disappointed. We were hoping for an elephant” or “….?….” hmmmm, see? I terrible with this. But I promise if I think of more I’ll let you know!

  2. bookworm27 Says:

    I like your mom’s line.. Just repeat that to everyone who asks.

  3. jc Says:

    Evan gets to dance with YOU!

  4. Evenshine Says:

    I’m with Jane- come up with a stock snark rejoinder and people will chalk it up to pregnancy hormones. You can get away with saying anything if you’re preggers, so go for it!

  5. Court Says:

    Who on earth would be dissapointed in having an extra penis around? Oh wait. that sooo did not come out the way I meant it.

  6. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    Just tell them you needed one more boy to make sure you’ll have a mama’s boy. Or that you knew you’d have a boy cuz you’re one of those women who need constant adoration.
    Or that you think you’ll just treat this one like a girl and see what happens…
    Sorry, it’s late. I obviously need to go to bed.

  7. faemom Says:

    jane~ Keep working on it. I will too. Working on defense lines before needed is how I look so quick and sharp.
    bookworm~ I know it’s a good line.
    jc~ If he’ll let me.
    evenshine~ I just have to work on one. I need to brew up some coffee. Crap. Can’t do that.
    Court~ We’ll just laugh and not chalk it up to anything other than believing CJ is not sleeping through the night yet.
    Maureen~ I laughed so hard that I started to cry. It would serve them right if I said I was treating this one like a girl.

  8. Gibby Says:

    Just throw a ball of mistletoe at the next person who asks you that question.

  9. Coco Says:

    You could tell nosy relatives that you secretly feel that the baby is the spawn of your secret alien lover from Jupiter, Squibron, and that Jupiterian babies can spontaneously change gender, so you’re unsure whether to be disappointed yet. Then fret out loud that nothing from babies r us is made to accomodate tentacles.

    Or you could just tell them to knock it off before you cut someone. Either way.

  10. faemom Says:

    Gibby~ Let me go find a ball.
    Coco~ The Husband likes you the best. I think you’re tied with Maureen for me, but then I have two large family functions.

  11. zeemaid Says:

    um just so you know Fae, punching in the face.. not a great Christmas mood setter. *LOL*

    And that’s right… they do sometimes make mistakes. You never know for sure until you get a look in person.

    When I delivered O I asked, despite the emergency procedures going on around me, if he really was a boy. The oddest things you think of at those moments. 😉

  12. faemom Says:

    I don’t think that’s odd. I knew someone who would yell for the nurse to count the toes and fingers.

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