It’s that time of year again . . .

Where you hate yourself for not doing everything you said you would do, but then you try to set new goals, achievable or not.

So last year, I made a few resolutions.  Four to be exact.  I wrote three of them in the blog a year ago today.

  1. Get my family to eat healthier.
  2. Get published.
  3. Get organized.
  4. Take better care of myself.

Well, I’d like to say that I accomplished all my goals, but that would be a pretty big fat lie that I would have to carry on for as long as I know you.  I really try to save those for the big things, you know like scratching the paint of the car owned less than a week, letting a runt pug puppy walk off the vet examination table, keying someone’s car, or burying a body.

The first one, I think I did rather well.  Especially this summer when my boys would eat their body weight in watermelon if I let them.  I’m baking more and trying to sneak purees into their breakfasts.  Their lunch usually has both a vegetable and fruit.  Dinner has two serving of vegetables and often a third or a fruit.  Of course, they usually ignore it.  But Tornado S loves broccoli in all forms, and Tornado E can’t get enough carrots and apples.  Plus I got my parents, brother, and grandma eating more vegetables.  My grandma even had fresh vegetables chopped up for an appetizer for the big holiday meals, and my mom is regular without her fiber.  Yeah, I kind of rock.  Now if only I could get the boys to try more.

The second one was a complete bust.  I wrote one poem this whole year, worthy of publishing.  Sure I went through my Poet’s Market, but did I put any of those dates down?  Nope.  Did I try to write at least once a week?  Nope.  Yeah, I suck.  But I did start a craft blog and a craft hub page.  I started taking pictures of my crafts.  I spent the summer working on it until my laptop crashed and burned.  So I have to take time to wrestle with Vista and get back to craft blogging and publishing hub pages.

As for number three, Hahahahahahahahaha.  As the natural pessimist, I could berate myself all day about how horrible I’ve done.  I rarely file.  I often find pink bills in my mailbox.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I got our internet/phone/cable shut off and missed the disconnect date for the electric bill by one day and begged them to let me pay them and not turn off my electricity.  The moral of the story the bundle people suck and the electric company was totally cool and chill.  (The dude was like, um, ma’am, we haven’t even put in the disconnect order yet, you can calm down.)  The only upside is this house is cleaner than the last.  The boys’ toys, my make-up, and my pantry are totally organized.

The last one I decided on about a week after I made my grand resolution list and had you all pat me on the head.  Over a year ago I had a huge spot of skin cancer taken off my back, and just to scare you all, I’m not even thirty yet.  We haven’t had dental insurance in years, and I think it might be ten years since I went to the dentist.  I decided if I was going to keep my family healthy, I should be healthier.  So I started a morning skin routine, taking time to actually take care of my face and even put sunscreen every day.  I started flossing every day, never missing a day with two types of mouthwash.  I started wearing a pedometer.  I actually was five pounds from being within my scientifically determined weight goal before I got pregnant with Tornado S.

So what am I going to do this year?

  1. Get more organized.
  2. Get published.
  3. Get dental insurance and a dentist.
  4. Save more.

Ok, obviously I need to get better at organizing myself.  It’s plain embarrassing that I’m always late on bills.  I’m on the verge of turning 30, and I can’t figure out when and how to pay bills?  The good news is my BFF bought me a planner to help me when we realized the last time I was organized I carried a planner.  I’ve been doing the system for a month, and it seems to be working.  I’m writing down the amount and when bills are due on both the planner and the family calendar.  I’ve got my eye focused on catching up on the important filing.  (Though there’s something so unsatisfying about this job and I think I know what it is.  As a wave washes more oil onto the beach.)  I’m going to organize the craft stuff because it’s a disaster, and I’m going to carve a little tiny place to be organized.

Bare with me.  I’m going to go through my Poet’s Market in the next few days and write down all the due dates for contests.  I’m not really sure how I’m going to fit in more writing time, but I’ll try to work on it.

I can’t say when we’ll get it.  I hear finding dental insurance is a real bitch when you’re a single family payer.  I’ve heard horror stories about paying insurance that turns out not to cover anything.  So I’ll have to do some research.  We’re already paying 450 a month on health insurance, and my OB/GYN’s office prefers us to pay up front for the pregnancy, so we have some bills we’re conquering.  But damnit, I will get us insurance sometime this year; I will find us a dentist; and I will get us into appointments.

I think every one says this.  I’m a big saver, but lately I’ve fallen off the wagon.  It makes me tense not to save.  I like to save up for something.  The Husband is a spender.  He likes to get things when we have the money.  He also cuts his own checks, so you can see where the tension is in the family.  But I’m thinking I’ll make a jar that says “Disneyland or Bust,” and maybe he’ll get the idea.  Of course, this saving thing will work a whole lot better if the economy would turn around.  (Which it better.  Soon.)

So we’ll see how this all pans out, seeing that I’m going to have a baby in April.  I also have this whole list in my planner, right in front, staring me in the face.  So wish me luck.

Any one want to share their resolutions?

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10 Responses to “It’s that time of year again . . .”

  1. Ink Says:

    I’ve got the NY blahs, too. But wishing you luck! You can do anything, Fae!

  2. joz1234 Says:

    new year’s resolution? Have a baby. 🙂 (and not gain 55 lbs with this one like I did with the other two)

    can that be considered a resolution?? LOL!

    My OBGYN wanted money up front too! Like over $500??!! I have a new OBGYN this time. last time I used her, she didn’t require any money up front, but then, I had a different insurance company too.

    I envy your boys willingness to eat veggies and fruits (even if it is one or two key items) I have one that loves fruit…but neither love veggies.

  3. femspotter Says:

    I agree with Ink that you can do anything you set your mind to.

    As for my NYRs: I don’t do this normally, but I am hoping to have a healthy pregnancy – and also not gain large amounts of weight – as well as helping other aspects of my health when I’m done with that (high cholesterol, back pain, etc.). In short, I resolve to achieve wellness.

  4. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    You will get published; it just takes perseverence. Multiple submissions (simultaneously) to literary journals is the best way for poetry. I’ve had lots of poems published this way. But you have 2 little guys and a third on the way and that’s not an excuse, it’s reality. It makes it really hard. I know, it was me 10-15 years ago. The writing will always be there. It simmers in your head while you’re doing all this other parenting stuff. I’m so impressed you do all the blogging! Now I’m trying to get novels published. But I couldn’t even think about trying to start one back then! My resolution is to take my own advice and keep trying! Good luck to both of us!

  5. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    1. Keep insisting that my kids try new foods. Healthy ones, hopefully.

    2. Clean out one drawer or cabinet a day in the month of January.

    3. Get back to the gym. YUCK.

    I hate being so disorganized, too. My house is one big crap receptacle.

    And you can do it! I’m SO glad you get your skin checked…it’s so very important!

  6. Court Says:

    I hope I learn to let go this year.

  7. Jane Says:

    At least you bumped “get organized’ up to resolution #1. I can’t even get to the point where I write down my resolutions. I think I keep them in my head so no one can hold me to them and I can deny ever making them! (btw…there’s a little something for you at my blog.)

  8. insider53 Says:

    I decided I wouldn’t make any resolutions this year. That way I can’t break any.

  9. faemom Says:

    Ink~ Thanks!
    joz~ Mine wants money first because they think people have enough to deal with a new born without bills and sticker shock. They may be right. Mine’s way more than 500. My boys only like a certain number of vegetables, like one or two. We do much better with fruit. Here’s to mommy support of dealing with picky eaters.
    fem~ Beautiful resolution. We should all strive to be healthier.
    Maureen~ Thanks for the support.
    KTW~ We seem to have similar goals. Excpet the gym. Even if I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t be trying to visit it more.
    Jane~ But then you can’t focus on them. Eye on the prize. Eye on the prize.
    Court~ Remember it’s a process. Good luck!
    insider~ I used to be like that. But last year wasn’t so bad. So I’ll keep this up until I throw the whole lot of them in the trash.

  10. zeemaid Says:

    wow. Thankfully hubs pays all the bills but he’s been trying to pawn it off on me for a while now… I’ve become quite hard of hearing at times. 😉

    I can’t even imagine pay 450 a month for health insurance and having to pay upfront for your OBGYN? Wow. I can’t imagine how people can afford to have kids at all. We pay $130.00 a month for a family of five and that covers all our doctors visits and hospital visits, blood tests etc. Dental/Extended health is about another $150.00 per month and they cover 80% of our costs.

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