Things that bug me

The fact that I couldn’t write because I was spending the day at my parents’ house where my mom is addicted to computer games.  Does she seek help?  Nope.  No matter how many emails I send her about programs.  She just stays on the computer all afternoon, and I can’t write.  I prefer it if she would go back to her nice safe reading addiction.

The fact that I pulled four maternity shirts out of the laundry to find them stained.  This is probably my last pregnancy.  I didn’t want to buy anymore clothes.  It was bad enough most of my maternity clothes are summer based without sleeves, so now I have to buy some more shirts.  Dang.

The fact that when I’m pregnant I have no self-control.  It’s not one cookie; it’s a half a dozen.  It’s not one helping of mashed potatoes; it’s two large portions.  It’s not a scoop of ice cream; it’s nearly the whole carton.  I really need to find some exercise routine.

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10 Responses to “Things that bug me”

  1. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    Oh, man, maternity clothes are so expensive. No friends with any you can borrow??
    That sucks about your mom; I can’t even get my parents to BUY a computer!
    And don’t worry about the exercise too much….you’re pregnant!

  2. insider53 Says:

    Well you are pregnant so a little self indulgence is okay. Sorry about the clothes, I know how expensive they are.

  3. Jane Says:

    Now is not the time to beat up on yourself. There’s plenty of time for that AFTER the pregnancy! Enjoy yourself now – especially the ability to have an extra cookie!

  4. joz1234 Says:

    Just drink lots of water with all that food. What goes in must come out, and you want that to go smoothly. 😉

    As for your Mom…hmm…I cannot comment too much…I’ve been on the computer for the past 2 hours.

    Give yourself a break. 🙂

  5. Steel Magnolia Says:

    Sorry that you’re so bugged. I remember it well. Just wanted to put in a plug for consignment stores, in case you haven’t used them. I had fabulous luck finding maternity clothes in several consignment shops.
    Remember that this isn’t really you. It’s your pregnant representative. You’ll be back to your old self in due time!

  6. Court Says:

    I’m the enemy too… Kaiya actually came up to me today and when she saw I was playing my farm game she said: mommy! Computer! Too much! Hubby died laughing.

  7. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Your mother is addicted to computer games? Wow. My mother can’t even turn ON a computer!

  8. faemom Says:

    Maureen~ Most of my friends are not even married. I’m the weird one of the bunch. Even my grandparents surf the net, which might not help the crazy ones so much. I just don’t want to be scolded by my nurse. She seems scary when upset.
    insider~ Indulging would be fine if I didn’t eat so damn many.
    Jane~ It’s not a extra cookie. It’s six. It’s the first year I’ve been surrounded with so many good things for so long since college.
    joz~ Good point. I’m trying to drink water. But my mom is on it all afternoon. Though it is fun teasing her about her addiction.
    Steel~ Thanks for the advice!
    TKW~ Even my grandparents have email they check regularly. I used to ICQ with my favorite grandparents in college. I also could tell when my grandpa was on because he never learned to type and would hunt and peck so slowly. Alot like me 🙂
    Court~ OMG! LOL That’s hilarious! I love that kid of yours.

  9. femspotter Says:

    Tie dye the shirts. Groovy!

    I’m addicted to computer games too. You need to distract her with a Wii! 😉

    Deep breathing is the first step toward exercise.

  10. faemom Says:

    I might have to do that. I’m tired of looking dingy.

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