Bedtime Kisses

Like every good parent, we have a nightly routine.  With The Husband out of town, it’s all me.  So as I strip Tornado S, I send Tornado E to the potty.  As I dress Tornado S, I tell Tornado E to get undressed.  Then he puts his clothes in the hamper.   (Shock)  I help Tornado E get dressed, and then someone gets to pick the book I read.  We take turns.  I pray “The Guardian Angel” prayer with them (because nothing is creepier than “if I die before I wake.”  Who thought that was a good prayer to teach children?). Tornado E is nagged up the ladder to his bed.  Then I sing Tornado S his lullaby and kiss him good night, and then I stand on a stool to sing Tornado E his lullaby and kiss him good night.

Last night as I pulled away from kissing Tornado S, he took out his binky.

Tornado S: Kisses!  Mommy!

He puckered his lips, and I kissed him again.

Tornado S: Again, Mommy!

I kissed his lips again.

Tornado S: Again, Mommy!

Again I kissed his lips.

Tornado S: Again!

I kissed his lips, but before I could pull up, he wrapped his arms around my head and kept me lip to lip.  I burst out laughing and broke the hold.

Me: I think that’s enough for now, buddy.

I hope he’s YEARS from trying that on a girl.

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8 Responses to “Bedtime Kisses”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    Yeah it’s a little weird when they do that. 😉

  2. Court Says:

    Kaiya does that all the time, it does creep me out a bit but it is sort of cute. I like it better when she goes to extend a hug.

  3. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    OH! Someone loves his Mama! My kids always dodge the kisses!

  4. Casey Says:

    This sounds a lot like our nightly bedtimes. My 20 month old puckers up and won’t let go. It’s adorable but she HAS done it to a boy at Gymboree on more than one occasion. Sigh.

  5. faemom Says:

    zeemaid~ Just slightly.
    Court~ Oooh, I think I would enjoy an extend a hug.
    TKW~ 😀 Evan dodges too until I stopped giving them, and then he was like but Mommy where’s my kiss.
    Casey~ Uh-oh. Sounds like you have to keep an eye on that one as soon as she starts approaching puberty. 😉

  6. ck Says:

    So sweet. I love baby kisses. Especially when they take out the pacifier first!

  7. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    I love kisses & hugs from my kiddos, they are so sweet about it (minus the kiss choke-hold). I cannot even think of the idea of them being grown & not wanting to give momma a kiss or hug. May it be years from now.

  8. faemom Says:

    ck~ Pacifer-free kisses are the best. It means you’re up there on the best list.
    beth~ Because you’re the mom, and not the dad, you’ll always be able to get kisses and hugs without pleading.

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