In the classroom

I spent yesterday afternoon, helping out at Tornado E’s class.  I try to volunteer one day out of the month.  I wanted to do more, but I was afraid I would take too much time from other mom’s volunteering.  I’m starting to think I’m the only one who does go in as I mentioned it to a few of the stay-at-home moms after school.  When I suggested they take a day just because it was fun, they looked at me like I had grown a third eye.  I guess our alone time is precious.  I know it is for me.

I chose yesterday because it was the only day of class this week, because they had a speaker coming in, and because it was supposed to rain all week.  Before the boys, I worked as a teacher’s assistant for a kindergarten and a first grade class and as a Girl Scout troop organizer.  When there’s a schedule deviation or if those kids couldn’t go out every single day to play, hell was likely to break loose within the class room.

I would like to regale you all with tales of humorous acts and speeches, but most of the kids were shy and quiet.  There was only one kid in the class willing to make a fool of himself by saying crazy things, doing crazy things.  My son.

Not only did he dance his way back into the classroom after the presentation, making one of the teachers laugh, he was the one to spout off hilarious things.

As we sat around the table for snack time, the kids were eager to tell the teacher what they did over the weekend. Tornado E didn’t want to be left out of the conversation, even though he felt we did nothing exciting.  He pulled my sleeve.

Tornado E: Mommy, lean over.  I have a secret to tell you.

I leaned over.

Tornado E: (whispering) I’m going to pretend we went to the toy store, ok?

Me: Ok.

Tornado E: (to the teacher) We went to the toy store!

Teacher: Oh?

Tornado E: Yup.  And we saw Toy Story toys.

Teacher: Which one is your favorite?

Tornado E: Buzz Lightyear!

All right.

Later as the teacher was reading a story, she asked the students what kinds of houses they lived in, giving examples of brick, steel, stuck-o.

Tornado E: I live in a gingerbread house!

The teacher looked over at me.  I smiled.

Me: It’s always nice to live in Tornado E’s world.

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12 Responses to “In the classroom”

  1. Ink Says:

    That is adorable. I want to live in a gingerbread house.

    Btw, I did my homework a few days ago. Just so you know. I did it. And now I want candy.

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    You live in a gingerbread house? That is sooo cool!
    Do you have a candy-tiled roof?
    He’s so cute.

  3. suzicate Says:

    It would be great to live in Evan’s world! Think of how beautiful life would be if we lived like children (well, not like the bratty ones!).

  4. Gibby Says:

    How fun would it be to live in a gingerbread house!!! Well, except when it rains. Things might get mushy. But it would still be fun. I love that Evan!

  5. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    I volunteered at Miss D.’s pre-school today and she was certainly hamming it up. I hope that was special for my visit, because if she is that hyper all the time…oh my. I’ll have to get the teacher something amazing for her end-of-year gift.

  6. faemom Says:

    Ink~ You can come visit. I know. I read it on my phone. I need to comment.
    Maureen~ It’s not as cool as you might think with the overweight German children nibbling on our house all the time. I swear, if the economy gets any worse, I’m going to make stew out of them.
    suzicate~ That’s the problem with the world. The bratty ones never grow up, and the good ones do. Sigh.
    Gibby~ But imagine my grocery bill when it comes to repairs! It might also explain why I’m going to have a hard time loosing weight.
    CFM~ LOL That bad? Teacher’s love Starbucks or book store gift certificates.

  7. Jane Says:

    So adorable! I love the spontaneous responses from kids – the hidden truth and wonder combined. Precious.

  8. zeemaid Says:

    I like my alone time too but what’s one day a month?

    I think going to the pretend toy store is the best. You can have anything you’d like when it’s pretend!

  9. Ink Says:

    You don’t have to comment! I just wanted to get my pat on the head for turning something in. 😀 Which means candy. Again, to clarify, that’s CANDY.

  10. femspotter Says:

    That is magic! I wonder if our child will think/report that we live in a tree house. We do…sort of. It’s a second and third story condo overlooking a river and there’s a tree next to the river that appears to be part of the house from certain angles.

    I like to pretend we live in a tree house. 😀

  11. faemom Says:

    Jane~ It was pretty adorable.
    zeemaid~ Going to a pretend toy store is like looking through catalogues and browsing! 😉
    Ink~ What kind of candy would you like?

  12. faemom Says:

    femspotter~ You never know what he or she will come up with. It might just blow your mind, since our house is the classic ’90s Southwest style, not gingerbread like At All.

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