Wanna laugh?

Remember when you were in high school and you checked out the cast list of the school play and it turned out that your friend, who was standing right next to you, who you helped recite lines with, who talked about nothing else but the lead part since she heard that the school was doing that play last school year, actually got that part.  You grab each other, screaming, jumping together, screaming, screaming.  Um, you don’t?  Maybe it was just me.  But I just had another moment like that.  Sunday I just found out that one of my favorite bloggers was nominated for best Australian Blogger for the 2010 BloggiesNot Drowning, Mothering.

The Not Drowning Mother is an awesome blogger, writing about her days taking care of her three children in the middle of suburbia.  If that doesn’t just make you flip over and check her out and then vote for her, then let me explain.  What other mom do you know is willing to post her dirtiest secrets of uncleanliness and godlessness?  What other mom do you know will willing watch five children under six AND take them on an outing?  What other mom do you know posts pictures of her old maternity bras?  What other mom do you know has a mother’s group that brings booze?  What other mom do you know in Australia?

Still not convinced?  Check out some of my favorite posts:

The Sharks v. The Jets  When only one kindergarten class gets milk and the other gets a huge box of Lost Property, these moms are going to rumble, music theatre style.

The Snip Snipe  Honestly men are the biggest babies when it comes to getting sniped, but how often do women call them on it?

The Long Journey Home If only I could be this cool and funny after the road trip from Hell.

So please, visit Not Mothering, Drowning, and have a laugh on me.  Then go on over to the Bloggies and show her some love.  Because we can make a difference, one vote for a hilarious blog at a time.

7 Responses to “Wanna laugh?”

  1. Jane Says:

    Any recommendation from you I know I’ll love! I’m off now to read and vote! Thanks for spicing up my reading!

  2. Ambrosia Says:

    So, I noticed that you comment on a few of the same blogs that I read…I thought I’d stop by and see who you are!

    I read your last post and almost peed my pants. Pooping in the toilet AND the diaper! Classic.

    Yeah, I’m already a big fan of Not Drowing, Mothering. She makes me laugh. Especially her most recent post with the lego toys. Hilarious.

  3. zeemaid Says:

    Well she was pretty funny and I’ll head over and vote for her.

    way to go promoting your friend!!!

    oh and…… ping 😉

  4. Not Drowning Mother Says:

    Thank you so much for being such a great cheerleader for the NDM cause!

    I’m going to go off and blush quietly for a while…

  5. suzicate Says:

    thanks for the recommendations!

  6. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    I love her, too!! She is hysterical!

  7. faemom Says:

    Jane~ It’s my pleasure. The woman is hilarious.
    Ambrosia~ Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad I could make you laught. And how could you not be a fan of NDM?
    zeemaid~ I hope you enjoy her. And I needed those pings last night.
    NDM~ I thought it was better than writing it on my naked body and streaking across the feild at the American football championship because that happens the Sunday AFTER the voting closes.
    suzicate~ I hope you enjoy her!
    TKW~ I know, right? I heart that woman.

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