The Green One

When I was a child, my brothers and I fought over the Green Glass.  It was a plastic tumbler from Tupperware, which came with a set of four, including red, blue, and yellow.  But we could care less about the other glasses.  We fought, argued, yelled, begged, whined, pushed, shoved to get the Green Glass.  My parents were at their wits’ end.  What was so special about the Green Glass?  We maintained that milk just taste better in it.  I’m sure it was more to do that our siblings wanted it, so it became more desirable.  That Green Glass.

Last Christmas, I felt it was time to arm the family with light sabers.  I bought two blues, a green, and a purple.  I kept it a secret from even The Husband, so that he too could fill the thrill of getting a light saber to play with the boys.  The purple one was mine, of course.

Last week, the boys fell into a Star Wars kick.  They’re watching The Husband’s copy of the Star Wars cartoon series from a few years back.  They unsuccessfully try to convince us to play the Star Wars video games for them.  They’re fighting with light sabers.  They’re taking light sabers to bed.  They’re fighting over one light saber whenever they get a chance.

The Green One.

Tornado S adores the Green Light Saber, carries it around, takes it to bed, fights with it.  Food and Tornado E are the only things that will pry it out of his hands.  Tornado E must have the Green Light Saber at all costs, conning, whittling, begging, forcing it out of his brother’s hands.  When that doesn’t work, Tornado E cries, begs, whines for it from us.    We have three other light sabers here, people!

It does seem fair and just over the long view.  But I won’t believe it’s fair and just until my brothers have children.  They just better have more than one.

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7 Responses to “The Green One”

  1. secondsit Says:

    playing jedi’s seems fun to look at specialy with adults!hehehe

  2. joz1234 Says:

    Green…the color of envy. And a pretty cool color for a light saber. 😉

  3. ck Says:

    Isn’t it the worst when you have flashes of what it must have been like to be your own mom?

  4. Ink Says:

    More and more, I see my own mom in a new light…

  5. suzicate Says:

    It’s something about green. We had a set of those tumblers, too. My youngest even scratched his name into the green one so that no one else could claim it!!!!

  6. Jane Says:

    In our house, it’s the green m&m’s (wink, wink)

  7. faemom Says:

    secondsit~ Playing Jedi is awesome, but I would love some real Jedi mind tricks up my sleeve.
    joz~ Good point~
    ck~ I know! Then you have to call and apologize!
    Ink~ And isn’t it scary to see how much paybacks are a bitch?
    suzicate~ That’s hilarious. Your youngest is smart!
    Jane~ In our house, it’s any M&M. 🙂

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