The Language of Tornado S

Tornado S: Mommy, I green!

Me: You mean you have the green light saber?

Tornado S: Yes!


Tornado S: Mommy, I ungry!  I want juice!

Me: You’re thirsty?

Tornado S: I irsty!  I want juice!

Me: Please may I have juice?

Tornado S: Yes!

Me: No, you have to say it.  Pease may I . . . .?

Tornado S: Give me juice!

Me: Please may I have juice?

Tornado S: Yes!

I think we’ll be here for a while.


Tornado S: All done!  Get down!

Grandma: Good eating, Tornado S.  Now what do you say?

Tornado S: Get down now!

Grandma: No, we say “Please may I be excused from the table.”

Tornado S: Yes!

Grandma: Please may I . . .

Tornado S: (in an adorable high-pitched voice) Be excused from table!

Grandma: You have to say “Please may I.”

Tornado S: Be excused from table!

Grandma: Please?

Tornado S: Please be excused from table!

Grandma:  That’s my boy!

Of course, Papi and I are barely keeping the laughter in during the whole conversation.

6 Responses to “The Language of Tornado S”

  1. CynthiaK Says:

    So cute! It’s good that moms are innate interpreters.

  2. joz1234 Says:

    LOl! Oh my goodness how cute is he??!! I laughed the entire time I read that. He is a sentence finisher!! 🙂

  3. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    It’s odd…my firstborn learned the please thing really early and it stuck. Secondborn has to be reminded EVERY time.

  4. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    Oh, he’s smooth, he is! So cute.
    Just catchin up on your blog after a week laid up, and btw, the green light saber is ALWAYS the cool one!

  5. faemom Says:

    CynthiaK~ We’re fantastic, aren’t we?
    joz~ He’s something, isn’t he?
    TKW~ My first born has to be reminded, and Sean usually says it up to the last couple weeks. Errr.
    Maureen~ I prefer the purple one myself. But you aren’t the only one who needs to catch up on blogs. I don’t know how I got so behind.

  6. zeemaid Says:

    I must have missed this post. Too adorable. Incredibly frustrating at times but… adorable all the same! Just think we’ll miss all the baby talk one day. I remember the first day my niece called me by my proper name instead of the made up name they had for me. It made me a little sad. ;(….

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