Underwater Gymnastics

My mom has a story she tells of the differences of her pregnancies.  (Ok, really, she has several.)  She smiles and begins, “With Fae, she moved around so much, I couldn’t even sit down.  She was in constant motion.  But when she was born, she was calm and serene. Face (Here by the new name for my middle brother, once known as T, because he’s a good looking guy and is very aware of it, plus the kid loved The A-Team growing up.) never moved at all.  I would have to sit still and wait, counting his movement.  I was always afraid I lost him.  Then when he was born, he bounced off the walls.”

Aside from the fact, that the story shows the perfect illustration of the eldest and middle child, (the more calm one and the one on the throttle), which I don’t have yet because they are both on the throttle, it illustrates the difference between those moving little fish in the womb.

I have yet to have a calm fetus.

I’ve read articles in which women express their concern.  I received pamphlets on how to count fetal movements.  My doctors and nurses have asked with concern, “How’s the baby moving for you?”

The baby won’t stop.

Unless someone, like The Husband or my mom, wants to feel the movement, then that little stinker will enter a Zen meditation state.  Cute.  My kids are anti-helpful even in the womb.

Like his brothers before him, this character is no different.  He twirls.  He kicks.  He punches.  He lands on my bladder, treating it like a bean bag chair.  Not funny.  Nor is it funny when he decides to reach out and punch a major organ.  The time it really sucks is when I’ve just eaten and the character is cramped for space.  Not only does the pressure of feeling for full you’re going to pop, no matter how small the meal was, the character has to move, push, kick, punch, shove, trying to get more space and making you really wish you could digest at a normal rate or faster just to stop the annoyance.

When I was pregnant with Tornado E, a few of my co-workers were amused that I would scold him when he became too active.  Not that he ever listened.  We started our mother-child relationship early.

So how’s the baby moving for you?

The character won’t stop.

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12 Responses to “Underwater Gymnastics”

  1. Jane Says:

    This is so sweet. I had a “calm fetus” too that frightened the heck out of me becasue I didn’t think he was active enough. But, like your brother, he was one active baby once he was born. Constantly in motion, not a sleeper. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

  2. CynthiaK Says:

    All three of mine were “calm” in the womb…and completely mental upon arrival in the world. Damn…

    So, I supposed you can look forward to calmer years ahead post-birth? 😉

  3. Ink Says:

    “When I was pregnant with Evan, a few of my co-workers were amused that I would scold him when he became too active. Not that he ever listened. We started our mother-child relationship early. ”

    I begged my tummy to leave me alone. People did give me amused looks. But I was serious! 😉

    Take care, Fae. I know it’s uncomfortable! Hugs!

  4. Brae Says:

    My oldest danced. She moved when there was music, and she jumped for joy when she heard my mom’s voice.

    My middle felt like he was scratching claws continually across my belly

    My youngest was a swimmer. back and forth and back and forth. lol

    I’m trying for a fourth child now. I cannot WAIT to feel a baby movie inside me again.

  5. parenting BY dummies Says:

    Similarly mine where all the same inside. But, on the outside they are as different as night and day…and night. There’s hope for you yet!

  6. holeycheese Says:

    My oldest was very calm..
    The girls were constantly moving.. and this one too just never stops. He is dancing day and night!

  7. Gibby Says:

    So sweet! Poonch moved around all the time. I remember one time I went to see a band (at a bar, cuz you know, I was preggers and that’s a great way to hang when you’re huge and can’t drink) and the minute they started playing, she started jumping and didn’t stop until the music stopped. She’s sort of still like that today.

  8. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    Aw, this is so cute. Brings back memories. I had 2 active fetuses and one who never moved. And they pretty much maintain those personalities today!

  9. tlc Says:

    How true that the minute you WANT baby to move for daddy or big brothers, he won’t budge. That always happened with my first two.

    I was excited to read this today… I have “underwater gymnastics” on the brain lately. Mine just started moving (sporatically) a couple weeks ago and yesterday was the first day I felt non-stop movement. I love it!! Of course my major organs still remain un-punched! 🙂

  10. faemom Says:

    Jane~ Yup, definantly.
    CynthiaK~ I wish. My boys are calm for the first couple weeks and then spring to life.
    Ink~ I was damn serious too. Sometimes it hurts.
    Brae~ It’s one of the best parts of pregnancy. How cool that you had different experiences with each one.
    PbD~ Forgive me as I roll my eyes. This poor little guy is going to have to shout and runamuck if he wants to keep up with his brothers.
    holeycheese~ It’s amazing how fun it is in the beggining, until you’re trying to get some very much needed sleep and your belly is bouncing around.
    Gibby~ Ha. How cute. The last two times I was in Vegas I was pregnant because you know it’s the place to go and not drink and glare at smokers. Of course, there is the food.
    Maureen~ That’s exactly how my boys are. Active from conception on.
    tlc~ Well, you still have a few more weeks until everything gets a little cramped in there.

  11. The Violinist Says:

    (hi, i’m a little slow in reading…)

    E had like 2 days of big movement, at which point i’m fairly certain she flipped head down at about 29 weeks and then she didn’t move a ton…or at least not while i was awake. I’d get the occasional foot pushing out from just under my ribs, which i’d chase around until she tucked it back down, and i could feel her moving her fingers – not really tickling, but kinda…

  12. faemom Says:

    I’ve never felt finger tips. Crazy.

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