Me, Ready?

I’m ready for the baby.  I’m tired of waiting.  I want to get this over and done with.  Let’s roll.

But in reality, I’m not.  There’s no way I’m ready.

I’ve never been inpatient for a baby to be born before this.  With both Tornado E and Tornado S, when people asked if I was ready, if I couldn’t wait, I would pat my bulging tummy and say, “Not yet.”  But rather than feel like I could wait until everything was perfectly ready to the point of refusing to believe those are actually labor pains, I feel like saying “Just give me the baby already.”

First off, there are the medical issues of having a preemie.  I am more than happy to wait and let the kid cook at his own rate.  Now I would feel guilty for every minute I devoted to the hospital and not with the other boys.  Time management would be a huge issue.  That doesn’t mean if the little character came early that I wouldn’t be done there every second I could.  I just would worry about the boys during such an issue.

Second, the house is no where ready.  We’ve decided to stay with our little rental for another year, saving money for a potential house purchase next year.  Now we have to reorganize the master to accommodate a new little guy.  Thank God it’s a master suite, something The Husband and I didn’t like originally.  We have to pull out all the baby stuff from the garage and my parents’ house.  Not to mention, I really would like our carpets and furniture cleaned and a half of dozen other things that would be nice to have done before the little tike comes to take all our time and energy.

Third, I have to buy stuff for the baby.  Our diaper bag is on its last legs, even though The Husband keeps trying to convince me that we could pull it out for another baby.  Um, no.  I don’t want a hole in it.  I have to buy Tornado E a booster seat, so the baby can have his.  Heck, the water proof pad for the basinet is under Tornado S’s sheets, so I need one of those.  Not to mention, I need to get us a little more organized so I’ll need more racks and stuff.  Yeah, I have a list.

Fourth, we don’t even have a name yet!  Sure, The Husband has all sorts of names picked out, but there’s not one that sounds just right.  Nor have I really looked.  Two kids, a house, a blog, and now a Farmville Farm (completely not my fault, I’m doing it only for my mom), I just never seem to have time to read, much less look for names.  Maybe I should do a contest?

So with all those reasons, why the hell am I “ready” for this baby?  Why do I feel like I’m waiting around for the main event?  Hell, I’m in complete denial for the first hours of labor because I’m so NOT ready.  So why do I feel ready now?

Maybe I really have flipped.

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13 Responses to “Me, Ready?”

  1. Brae Says:

    I hear you!!! I am always ready early- but I wouldn’t want the baby here too early so that they were unhealthy! I don’t know how far along you are, but don’t worry- when your nesting instincts kick in, you’ll get it all done.

  2. joz1234 Says:

    I think you are “ready” because you know once you have the baby, all that other stuff that “needs’ to be done will not matter so much. You will be able to instantly “cross off” much of that list. 🙂

  3. CynthiaK Says:

    I have no idea why you are “ready”. I wish I had something intelligent to offer, but no. It could just be that dealing with two other children while nearing the end of a pregnancy is damned exhausting, I can definitely say that from experience.

    But I will say that you shouldn’t feel worried about the name. Heck, my sister in law took months to name her last child. Actually, we teased her about that and called her a freak, so probably best to at least name it within the first month. 😉

    Good luck with it all and, when in doubt, eat ice cream. It’s good for you and babe. 😉

  4. jc Says:

    Since you are raising tornados instead of hurricanes, it’s ok that you don’t have a naming system yet. Cooking tornados are high-pressure systems.

    (I think *I* have officially flipped my lid)

  5. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    God, I remember that feeling with the 3rd. You just want to be Done already.
    It’ll work itself out. You’ll get that stuff done. Or not, but either way it’ll turn out fine!
    Love your Batman/Joker Time-out story. I wish I could use Time-out for my 15 year old…

  6. suzicate Says:

    Oh, I remember my body being ready to drop it even thought we really weren’t prepared. It’ll happen soon enough whether you have everything ready or not, and regardless of whether you have a new diaper bag or clothes…it won’t matter when you’re holding that sweet bundle of joy.

  7. Jane Says:

    Ready? Is anyone ever completely ready? Or should I say prepared? Whatever – snuggles and cuddles are all that baby really needs. The rest are just accoutrements. 😉

  8. ck Says:

    I felt the same way with my second daughter. All the naive bliss was gone. I can only imagine what it’s like coming down to the wire on #3!

  9. faemom Says:

    Brae~ I’ve got two more months. That nesting thing should be kicking in at any time now.
    joz~ Good point! If that’s really going on, then I’m a genius.
    CynthiaK~ If I don’t have a name down on paper when they come to the hospital for the birth certificate, then I’ll never get around to it.
    jc~ That is hilarious!
    Maureen~ What you can’t put 15 year olds in time out? I had no idea.
    suzicate~ Wait until I tell you about how I nearly refused to go to the hospital because the blinds weren’t cut for the nursery.
    Jane~ I think that’s what I can’t wait for. My old doc said “As long as you have a drawer, you’re ready.”
    ck~ On second thought, since #1 and #2 are set on destroying each other, maybe I can wait to add another tornado.

  10. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    No worries! The social security lady will hunt you down at the hospital if you haven’t named your kid within 2 days. Ahem. Don’t ask how I know that.

    I remember that antsy feeling well!

  11. zeemaid Says:

    baby #3 was the hardest for me too. it’s just hard to looking after two other children and being pregnant at the same time. i will always cherish baby #1 days, that’s for sure. Like Jane said… the baby only really needs you… and some diapers. diapers would be good. Maybe Sean will donate some of his t-shirts to the cause? *L*

  12. tlc Says:

    I’m also one of those who always answered the “Ready yet?” question with NOPE. Baby is much easier to take care of inside! Wonder if I’ll change with #3 too.

    P.S.- sounds like you could use a baby shower:) I think a new baby in and of itself calls for a celebration.. and if you need stuff- double the reason. I don’t know why first babies get all the glory. Maybe you should start dropping hints around your mom…

  13. faemom Says:

    TKW~ Ok, so I have up two months plus two days to think of a name. Good to know.
    zeemaid~ Yeah, that’s what I need, two kids, a baby, and a mountain of cloth/shirt diapers to wash. 😉
    tlc~ Unfortunately, my family believes in one shower per family. Dang.

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