It’s Friday

And I wish I had something.  But I didn’t write last night, and I won’t have time today because either I’m going to nap during my free time (because of heartburn and children I was awake most the night) or I’m going to go to the library with out tornadoes (because I have two hours to kill while Tornado E is in school because I’m going to Muffins for Mom, ooooh).  Of course, I thought I would have time this morning, but the boys are trying to kill each other earlier than usual.  It’s because they’ve been up before 5.  Nice.

Oh dear God, stop antagonizing your brother and EAT!  Both of YOU!


9 Responses to “It’s Friday”

  1. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    ((hugs)) hope the rest of the day gets better, if you can later on take a shower & just try to relax (I know easier said than done).

  2. joz1234 Says:

    sleep. my vote is for that. 😉

  3. Gibby Says:

    Yuck. I agree with joz…go sleep! Take the boys to your parents!

  4. Rakster Says:


    Know the feeling. I say, deep breaths, exhale and picture yourself on a desert island…

  5. ck Says:

    Is it Friday? This snow has killed my sense of time.

    I hope you had a (semi) relaxing afternoon. A nap sounds lovely.

  6. Brae Says:

    Hey- I nominated you for two awards. Come to my blog and claim them!

  7. Jane Says:

    Please say you slept! And don’t worry about us – we’ll still be here when you wake up!

  8. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    Oh, such a crazy time for you right now before the baby comes and the lack of sleep with the heartburn….
    I remember it well. I give you so much credit for doing a blog and having such great writing. Sometimes I think how great would it have been to have the internet support and blogging buds when my kids were young like yours. Then I think, how could I have had time to blog; life was insane!’But you do it and you do it well.
    Yes, someone said it already: Deep Breaths. Lie down, even if you don’t sleep. Try hard to be easier on yourself.
    We love you!

  9. faemom Says:

    beth~ I was able to do the shower. And relax? hahahahahaha
    joz~ I totally took a nap instead of the library. Because of you.
    Gibby~ I took that advice too. Only I had to bring them home sooner than I want. You know, mom had things to do like pick up dad at the airport. Geeze.
    Rakster~ I can see it! I just want to know what I have to do to get there.
    ck~ You put everything in perspective. It could be worse. I could be snowed in with them.
    Brae~ Thanks. Um, they are not about being cheerful, are they?
    Jane~ Thanks. I slept. I just hold myself to high writing standards. And I don’t want to let any one down.
    Maureen~ You are so sweet. I don’t know how I’ll keep this up, but I love all my readers so much and all that they write. It’s so helpful to have a bunch of friends that understand.

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