My Worst Parenting Mistake

I was about eight months along with Tornado S.  It was a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon.  The Husband and I were exhausted and decided to take a family nap with Tornado E.  Well, Tornado E woke before we were ready to end out nap.  He crawled out of the bed and down the stairs.  Not unusual.  He just usually played with his toys, drinking his juice, waiting for his Mama.

But five minutes later, we heard him crying for me.  Not a pain cry.  But a panic, distraught cry.  We both jumped out of the bed and rushed out the door.  The first thing we noticed was the front door was open.  I jumped back into the bedroom because I had only a bra and pants on.  I threw on a shirt as The Husband ran down the stairs, jumping the last couple.  I flew down the stairs at top pregnant running speed.

The crying continued.

We ran out the door.  But there was no Tornado E.  The crying was further away.  The Husband started searching.  I calmed down (Focus, Fae, focus) and listened.  The crying continued, but it was behind me and distant.  So I turned around and followed the sound.

The Husband yelled that the garage door was open and ran to check it.  I went back inside following the noise.

To find Tornado E crying on the back porch at the locked French doors.  He couldn’t get back into the house.  I opened the doors and threw my arms around him.  The Husband came around the side of the house, informing me that the back door from the garage to the backyard was propped open.  I picked up Tornado E and held him.

The Husband: I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life.  Fae, he could have ran out in the street and been hit by a car.

Me: No.  He wouldn’t have. Tornado E doesn’t go in the street.

The Husband sighed with relief.

Me: But there was a yard sale on the street earlier, and there are a lot of strangers.  Someone could have taken him and been gone.  How would he have stopped them?  Or he could have wondered down the street and become lost.  Or he could have eaten any rat poison that might have been left out.  If the lock on the tool cabinet isn’t locked, he could have gotten into any of the cleaners or poisons in there.  Or he could have tried to get something out of the pool or decided to go in it and fallen.  We don’t have a pool fence yet.  There is a lot of trouble he could have gotten into.

The Husband’s face lost all color.

The Husband: I’m calling the pool fence company right now.  Where’s that number?

Me: Let’s also promise to check the doors to make sure he can’t get out without us.

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10 Responses to “My Worst Parenting Mistake”

  1. femspotter Says:

    I am nervous about a mistake like this too. But I think this, like every other occurrence, can be learned from…as you did. I’ll still be very happy receive parenting advice from you. You are very qualified to give it. 🙂

  2. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    those moments don’t leave us ever. i have been there, it still makes me want to burst into tears thinking about the “what ifs” & now i am crying. off to hug & kiss all the rabble-rousers here.

  3. Jane Says:

    I have at least two horror stories like yours that I’m still too embarrassed to share. Suffice it to say, we’ve all been there. And sharing stories like these remind us to hold our children close and hug and squeeze their sweet little cheeks. Now if you’ll excuse me……

  4. Coco Says:

    Oh yeah. I was there, too. No pool fence, baby outside without us knowing, heart attack.

    Take great comfort in knowing an angel was on your wee boy’s shoulder, and that you are definitely not alone.

  5. jrvitalis Says:

    My almost-three-year-old is still very independent – she routinely opens doors and takes off. We’ve finally resorted to keeping the security system armed so that we know when she opens a door! Stop Pinching Your Sister!

  6. Gibby Says:

    There are so many terrifying moments, aren’t there? Somebody was definitely watching out for him! And yes, I make these same mistakes ALL the time.

  7. joz1234 Says:

    Thank goodness he didn’t get hurt. I’m sure you say a little prayer over that one a lot. The important thing is he didn’t get hurt. You are a wonderful mom.

  8. faemom Says:

    femspotter~ Let’s make sure I can keep my kids out of juvy before I’m qualified to give parenting advice.
    beth~ *hugs* Those “what ifs” are torture.
    Jane~ I shared it because I thought I could make it sound funny. Um, it didn’t work, so I guess it’s a cautionary tale.
    Coco~ My mom always says that there are angels watching over little children. Look how many times they fall and just miss something horrible.
    jrvitalis~ Oh, Lord. How do you not pull out your hair? The upside is you’ve got a system for warning you when she tries to escape grounding in 13 years.
    Gibby~ Don’t you just want to slap yourself in the head for being so dumb? Honestly, I do.
    joz~ Thanks. I kicked myself for not going down those stairs with him to begin with. I kicked the husband for leaving the doors open on the garage, but at least that made him stay on our property.

  9. zeemaid Says:

    freaky. I think a lot of us have had these close scares before. So glad everything was okay though. Sfunny how they can figure how to get out but not back in. 😉

    We can’t keep O from opening the front door so we had a double lock installed. Bit of a pain since I have to grab my keys every time I need to open the door but it’s worth it. I couldn’t shower unless K was home too because I was so worried he’d open the door to any stranger that knocked. Pretty scary.

  10. faemom Says:

    I’m thinking we wouldn’t have grey hair if it weren’t for the fact our children scare us half to death with the things they do. Opening the outside door without permission is one of the few spankable offenses in our household.

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