Nesting: The Furniture Plans

I’m in my nesting phase.  It’s the only thing I can say when describing my habits of late.  And I don’t nest in one area.  I don’t just cook food, clean every little nook, or make the furniture sparkle.  I do a combination.  But I thought I would focus on one crazy aspect at a time.

I used to tell people we furnished a new room every other year.  But that’s not true.  We furnish when I’m pregnant.  In the last month or two.  And I drag someone around to do it.  Usually The Husband.  And it has to be the perfect furniture.  An investment.  I think The Husband hates when I shop for furniture.  It means a large dent in our savings.

We bought our last house a few months before conceiving Tornado E.  The Official Story is that our bed was ruined in the move, like my dresser, because it was from Ikea and some of their furniture was not meant to be moved or to last more than a couple of years.  The Truth (Because I love and trust you all and I’m damn proud) is we broke it.  Ah, the days before The Husband’s business became so stressful and before the boys came and made my life stressful.  The days when we had energy and weren’t wondering what would happen if one of us just happened to have a life insurance policy that was sizable.  Any ways, the fact was we were sleeping on a mattress and my dresser was just a small wire shelf unit.

When my parents came to visit us so my mom could go to my CA baby shower, they were horrified to find out their very pregnant daughter was still sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  They went out and bought us a bed frame.  Then my dad learned The Husband didn’t believe in box springs, so my dad went out and bought some wood to that we could use the bed frame.

It was then that I took it into my head that we needed a whole new bedroom set.  Sure, The Husband’s dresser, nightstand, and former bed matched, but I brought in a small bright blue shelf unit that I built and used for a nightstand and a former white dresser.  We had looked half-hearted before for a bedroom set.  But now I was nesting and NEEDED it NOW.  I dragged The Husband from store to store and ended up back at the first store in love with set.

I, I mean we.  We ordered a bed, two night stands, a dresser, and a chest of drawers (which was to be The Husband’s so he had last space for his pile of clothes and would need to use his drawers).  We had purchased our guest bed from the same store a few years before, so when they heard The Husband loved the guest bed mattress, they looked up the brand and type and ordered it for our new bed.  As we sat there, the sales person asked us an important question.

Sales: What size would you like this?

The Husband: California King.

He said it with such conviction that I actually believed he wanted one.  It wasn’t until our celebratory dinner (back in the days of money and childlessness when every occasion called for a celebratory dinner out) that I asked The Husband why he wanted a California King.

The Husband: Because they’re so big.

Me: You do realize that they cut off the width of a King and add it to the bottom to make it a California King.

The Husband’s jaw dropped.  Damn.

We got the bed and dressers two weeks before Tornado E came.  We got the night stands the day after Tornado E came.  Though The Husband looked around the room and said, “The furniture clashes with the wall paint.  We should have bought a different stain.”  Um, no, we paint the walls.

When I was pregnant with Tornado S, Tornado E needed a bed.  Since I was pregnant with a second child, a boy child, I was on the hunt for bunk beds.  I wanted something sturdy.  I wanted something with clean lines.  I wanted something that wasn’t easy to break.  I wanted something that would last until the boys were out of the house, like what my parents’ did.  I also decided I didn’t need more than bunk beds and two dressers with young boys.  I figured I could always match the stain for desks and such.

At first, I tried to drag The Husband with me on the weekends, since we couldn’t go out on weeknights with a toddler who needed dinner and bed at the same early time every night.  I think I got The Husband to enter one store.  Something about being dragged around nearly two years before just made him hard to convince to come with me.  Or maybe he was still thinking about the damage to the savings account I did the last time.

So Plan B.  I was blessed enough to have a great friend who was waiting for her Green Card.  (It took over a year and she was a Canadian citizen married to an American.  Screwy, right?)  So I picked up my friend, who had a great eye towards design and loved Tornado E, and we went off to tons of stores with Tornado E in tow to try out ladders.

After several days and stores, I found the set I wanted.  Sturdy, dark stain, clean lines.  The thing is put together that it takes at least two guys to put it all together.  When they came to set it up, four big guys came.  The sales person assured me the company had been around for decades and would probably have the same style of furniture or the stain when I was ready to buy more pieces.  I decided to bring The Husband in for a look before I purchased.  You know, because we’re married, it’s his kids and money.  I’m a thoughtful wife.

The Husband couldn’t come with me that weekend, but I showed him the brochure and the amount, getting the ok.  I decided I better buy it before I had Tornado S.

I went in that Monday with Tornado E on his monkey leash.  I didn’t bring my friend to entertain Tornado E because I figured it would be easy to buy.  The stores computers were down, so it took longer.  The sales people fed Tornado E red licorice and suckers to keep him occupied.  They gave me a large discount because of the wait and that I actually came twice with a toddler.  They gave me a delivery date a week before Tornado S was due.  Perfect.

Except Tornado S came early.  But at least I was out of the hospital.

Of course, The Husband flipped when he heard how much it all cost after I bought the set.  Because The Husband tunes out when I speak to him.  But hey, I did talk to him first.

As for this kid, I REALLY want to go buy some furniture.  We left our white leather, bachelor-years coaches with the old house as well as our bachelor-years table set with two chairs broken.  But we don’t have the money or the room for new furniture.  I guess I’ll wait until we move into a real house. At least, The Husband will be glad to protect the savings account from heirloom furniture.

3 Responses to “Nesting: The Furniture Plans”

  1. Jane Says:

    Boy, do I remember the days of celebrating every little thing with a dinner out! And you’re right – they end once you have children. I never really noticed that. I’m still impressed that your husband even knew to ask for a California King!

  2. faemom Says:

    Jane~ Some days I miss those days of eating out, and on other days, I think “look at all the money we wasted, d’oh.” Yes, but he asked for the wrong one . . . which I still tease him about to this day.
    Evenshine~ We now live about an hour and half away from IKEA. I think The Husband is grateful. He thinks it’s bad enough that when I have the money, I go blow it at Target. His words, not mine.

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