Bathroom Buddies

Following their daddy like the ducklings they are, the boys tried to follow him into the bathroom.  But apparently Daddy wanted privacy for his bowel movement.

The Husband: Everyone out.

He shut the door.  The boys began to knock and bang and pound and drum on the door.

Tornado E: But Daddy, you know what-

Tornado S: Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

Tornado E: -And then I jumped-

Tornado S: Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

Tornado E: -I ran around-

Tornado S: Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

Tornado E: -Isn’t that so funny?

Tornado S: Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

The Husband burst out of the bathroom and came into the kitchen where I was doing dishes, listening to everything, chuckling under my breath.  The boys, of course, followed.

The Husband: How can any one get anything done in there with that racket?

Me: You need to concentrate on what you’re doing?

The Husband: I would like some peace and quiet and to be alone while I’m doing it.

Me: Baby, welcome to my world.  I haven’t had peace on the toilet since Tornado E was born.

11 Responses to “Bathroom Buddies”

  1. ck Says:

    As a kid I always thought the fan in the bathroom was to block out sounds happening INSIDE of the commode. As a parent I now understand that it’s actually meant to block the OUTSIDE noises…

  2. faemom Says:

    ck, just another example of why ypu’re smarter than me because I never thought of turning the fan on to ignore them.

  3. Jane Says:

    Isn’t that the truth? And I LOVE it that your husband got a taste of it for once! Priceless!

  4. Fie upon this quiet life Says:

    For the love of god…I’m pretty sure that I’ve mastered the fine art of blocking out whatever I don’t want to hear. Husbands aren’t equipped with that particular bit of ninja concentration, I guess.

  5. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    I’ll bet he thinks he deserves a cup of coffee in peace too.

  6. Gibby Says:

    Ha! I haven’t peed alone in years. Even the dog comes in.

  7. Ink Says:

    “Baby, welcome to my world.” You are so funny! 😀

  8. zeemaid Says:

    *ROFL* I just love it when they get a glimpse of our reality.

  9. faemom Says:

    Jane~ I’m surprised it took this long for him to get that taste.
    FUTQL~ I find taking a book in helps.
    Maureen~ That and watching football games in peace. It’s hilarious.
    GIbby~ It’s amazing the things we sacrfice as mothers.
    Ink~ “yeah? Well I can’t see anyone else smiling in here.” Sorry, Common People with William Shatner is now playing in my head. “Rent a flat above a-”
    zeemaid~ Now if that would translate to actual help or chocolate . . . .

  10. joz1234 Says:

    Wait a minute…doesn’t he get weeks of alone time in the bathroom while gone from home?

    I’m not feeling one iota of sadness for him. I’ve gotten to where I lock them out. They do the same to me now. the kids all of a sudden “need their privacy”

  11. faemom Says:

    Evan is starting to shut the door too. It’s kind of funny.

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