Sushi and Pregnancy

Back in the days when I was pregnant with Tornado E and working and the economy was rolling, The Husband and I ate out about three dinners a week or more.  Our favorite was sushi.  We had a neighborhood sushi restaurant with the most amazing rolls like an awesome dynamite roll and my favorite a killer spicy tuna roll.  We probably went at least once a week from the grand opening on, and yes, we got to know the owner quite well.

But then I was pregnant.  And all those books and websites said NO SUSHI.  And that lasted about two weeks when I learned The Husband felt no moral obligation to give up sushi as well.  (Bastard.)  So we returned to sushi.  My beloved sushi, how I missed you.  For several months, we did well and only ordered the cooked stuff.  We feasted on crab, shrimp, scalloped and the occasional cooked fish.  But in time, my beloved spicy tuna handroll began to call me again.  I gave in to its spicy yumminess.

For The Husband’s birthday (when I was 36 weeks), I surprised him with a huge sushi party platter custom made from our favorite sushi place and a few friends.  As I indulged, I forgot that one of our friends worked for my OB/GYN.  Ok, I didn’t forget.  I just wasn’t sneaky enough.  She caught me.  And lectured me.  Damn.

So the next doctor’s appointment, The Husband felt the need to confess.  (Which is odd, because he’s not the Catholic one.)

Doctor: So any questions?

The Husband: Yes, one.  Well, and a confession.

Doctor: Oh?

The Husband: Well, um, we, Fae has been eating sushi, and we were told that was bad for the baby.

Doctor: The reason we don’t want Fae eating sushi is because of the danger of food poisoning.  If you go to a reputable place, there shouldn’t be any harm.

We sighed with relief.

Me: So, sushi tonight?

8 Responses to “Sushi and Pregnancy”

  1. justdc Says:

    lolol!! I love sushi as well but it’s so damn expensive here, I can only have it once a month. I loved reading this

  2. Fie upon this quiet life Says:

    I am not a sushi lover, so I didn’t miss it while pregnant. I just don’t eat a lot of fish in general. I grew up in a land-locked state, so I’m sure that has something to do with it.

  3. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    I love sushi & really women in Japan do NOT give up sushi when pregnant. It’s about being smart about what you eat & where you eat it from.

    Same goes with most of the forbidden items during pregnancy.

  4. joz1234 Says:

    I’ve heard the same thing as you. I think we have steered clear of any raw fish in sushi for a couple reasons, but the biggest one probably has to do with the fact that fresh water fish is WAY too far away from Lubbock TX.

    I just started eating sushi, but I’ve not gotten used to the raw fish factor. With that said, I guess I’m a lame sushi eater. I don’t like the texture of the salmon (the ones that are cubed), and think I could do it if it were thinly sliced instead. I love cream cheese in my sushi too. I like crab and shrimp as well. I haven’t branched out much. So, oh sushi-one, what would your sushi suggestion be? Oh, I like avacado too. 😉

  5. Jane Says:

    I’m not a sushi fan – but my husband and daughter are. And just imagining my daughter having to give up sushi for any length of time is frightening. I’m so glad you were able to get a fix without having to sneak it or take any chances!

  6. zeemaid Says:

    okay you made me hungry and I’m stuck at home in a lame one stop light kinda town that does not have a late night sushi joint. In fact all restaurants are closed here at 8:00 and even the grocery store closes at 9:00 p.m. Yup… I might as well live in the country. 😉

    I hope your hubby splurged and bought you a great big platter of sushi!

  7. blackhuff Says:

    I also sneeked in some raw fish now and then when I was pregnant with both my children and luckily I did not get food poisoning. It still was good though.

  8. Court Says:

    Oh man! I wish I had known that! I freaking love sushi and hated giving it up!! Well thanks for the knowledge anyhow…

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