Another recap

  1. I love my Blackberry and its internet.
  2. I do surprisingly well on little to no sleep.
  3. Except I forget the occasional word like fair, party, nap.
  4. It takes less than an hour to destroy a great room with toys.
  5. It takes more than an hour to ask, convince, threaten, trick Tornado E and Tornado S to clean up a great room.
  6. Apparently my Nazarene grandma thinks it’s better for us to be Lutheran instead of Catholic.
  7. Potty training is hard, and it requires more penis rules.
  8. I get giddy when I put Tornado A on my lap for his late night feeding.
  9. Stupid Swaddlers are leaking the absorbent stuff whenever Tornado A pees.
  10. I had forgotten how many diapers a newborn goes through.

4 Responses to “Another recap”

  1. ck Says:

    Hearts for #8.

    (And I love the name Aidan.)

  2. blackhuff Says:

    It is suprisingly how one does get by with so little sleep when there are a new baby – happy to hear you’re coping.

  3. Evenshine Says:


  4. Gibby Says:

    I agree with Evenshine, I can’t wait to hear about new penis rules.

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