Where’s my In Over My Head Award*?

The day after we brought home Tornado A, I cried.  All day.  Whenever I had a problem.  For three days.  I was a little overwhelmed.

What was I going to do with a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant?  How was I going to clean the house?  How was I going to cook and bake?  How was I going to play with the boys?  How was I going to do crafts with them?  How was I going to do workbooks with Tornado E?  How was I going to potty train Tornado S?  How was I going to feed all three boys at the same time?  And most importantly how was I going to write on my blog and read my bloggy friends?!

Three weeks down the road, and I STILL don’t have a clue.

A naked Tornado S runs around the house, running to pee in the potty and leaving deposits on the floor, trying to make it to the potty for pooping.

Tornado E has worked on workbooks once.  That won’t cut it for the summer.

I clean whenever I don’t have the baby in my arms.

I never get to play.

I write shorter posts, one-handed, breast-feeding without editing.

I read on my phone or the laptop while breastfeeding.  Of course, I can’t comment on my phone, so I hope people will forgive me.

And it all was being somewhat balanced when Tornado A has a morning nap, which he has decided he doesn’t need for the last two days.

And Tornado A wants to be held all day.

And I have to repeat myself, threaten, encourage, motivate Tornado E and Tornado S over and over to pick up toys, clothes, shoes.

And I’m only getting 5 hours of sleep.

So does anyone want to come over and hold a baby so that I can shower, nap, clean, play hide-and-go-seek, comment on a dozen blogs with “I love you and miss you,” teach a per-kindergartner to write G, teach a toddler that training pants aren’t diapers, give time-outs, and bake chocolate chip cookies?

*The In Over My Head Award was invented by my first boss (a crazy awesome admin for the English Department), who placed a fake Oscar in a vase and filled it with water.  One of my many random tasks was to keep it filled.


9 Responses to “Where’s my In Over My Head Award*?”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    awww Fae. I’d love to come over and hold a baby. Wish I lived closer. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you’re trying to do too much at once. Why does a prekindergartner have to learn to write G? Isn’t that what kindergarten is for? If the toy thing is getting to you, maybe try putting some of it away and limit what they are playing with for now… and crack down on that hubby of yours. You NEED help girl!

    Sorry for the unsolicited advice, hope you don’t mind, and we all do understand about the not posting comments thing, I’m amazed that you’re even posting at all!!! You’ll get there, you’ll see!

  2. breaaire Says:

    Breathe, mom, breathe! ;D

    As a mom of 3 myself, I can empathize! I’m lucky in that now mine are all pretty self-sufficient (ages 19, 15 & 11). (trying not to think about how old that makes me)
    But it is hard. You try to do everything, everyday, and it doesn’t work out most times.

    Don’t sweat it. You’ll get the hang of it. It’ll come, and you’ll work out a schedule of everything that works for you, your hubby, and the boys. It’s all so personal, that there’s no 1 right way to do it.

    1 thing that might help for now, tho? I used this with my youngest, and wish I’d had it for all 3 ~ a baby sling. Baby gets to be close, cuddled, and mom has hands-free for a couple more minutes a day. It might be only 2 minutes, but hey… that’s 2 more you have to brush your teeth, or have a muffin, or chase Sean across the floor, or tickle Evan, or hug the hubby….

    And hubby can use it too…. *wink*

  3. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    Remember it DOES get easier, but it takes time, try not to freak out (easier said than done). It was hardest when adding a new baby into the picture, even now with the 4 it’s so much easier because the other kids are older & now the baby is over one. Even if he still thinks sleep is optional.

    Also, I found a few things helped me: babywearing, easy snack type meals (one a big plate, they have to share), a basket that could be moved around that had baby supplies in it, a basket that could be moved around for junk that was driving me crazy to be put into it (usually kid toys), throwing out or getting rid of anything that wasn’t serving a need or purpose, and then remembering that I am HUMAN. If you need help ask for it, if you are feeling like the days are too much to handle get the help sweetie. Sanity is better than a perfectly clean house.

    Even though I’m not near you, if you need someone to listen & just listen (I promise no more advice) then I’m here sweetie!

  4. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    Oh, I’ve been there! And you know you’re trying to do too much. Get some help either with the cleaning or older kids. I had a mother’s helper that summer after the 3rd was born. She played with the other 2 kids and sometimes just held the baby (who didn’t nap, damn her) while I got some stuff done. Maybe you can take a half hour then to get the older one doing the workbook if it’s important to you. And I always handed the baby (who didn’t nap, damn her; oh, did I already say that?) to her daddy the second he walked in the door. And this may sound awful, but he made dinner for a while. It’s hard. Screw the blog unless it’s bringing you more joy than stress. It will get better! I wish I could come hold your baby, and bring my 2 daughters to help you out too! Hang in there. xo

  5. Jane Says:

    Have you discovered the sling? I liked it much better than the snuggly. (my favorite is the Maya wrap http://www.mayawrap.com/) When my youngest was an infant (and middle son was just 10 months old) I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. I remember screaming at my husband as he raced off to work 20 minutes earlier to to get away from the chaos, “I deserve a daily shower!” My sister came to visit when the boys were 3 mo. and 13 mo. She brought me a Maya Wrap sling. O. M. G. Lifesaver doesn’t even begin to describe. I even used mine into toddlerhood. You can wear them in front, in a side hip position, on your back. My husband called it my pouch because youngest son seemed to live in there. But I was able to get so much done. And I’m also here to say, it DOES get easier. Just hang on a little longer. And ditto what Maureen said – screw the blog unless it’s providing needed release or joy. We’ll all still be here when both hands are yours again! (I love the In Over My Head award. Priceless!)

  6. joz1234 Says:

    You need a Moby Wrap. google it. I loved mine for Ernie. It’s a little warm in summer time (especially in Texas) but even though Ernie was a sweaty baby, I just undressed him and put him in the Moby. he’s sleep hours during the day while I cooked, cleaned, played, held Bert’s hand crossing the street. Anytime I went anywhere, I put Ernie in the moby. SAVED MY LIFE!!! I am planning on buying a second one for this baby. Luckily he/she will be born in November, so it won’t be so hot.

    Good luck mama! Hang in there. It will all come together.

  7. Ink Says:

    I would come over if I could. Sending cyber hugs, though.

  8. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    I’m also a fan of the Moby Wrap. It fits any and every body type/size, and it’s more comfortable than most slings. It’s kind of a pain to get on at first, but after many uses, you get the hang of it.

    And I, too, send my cyber condolences that things suck right now. I hope that it gets better soon, although by your next post, I see that things may get worse before they get better. Any chance you could get some help in the form of a “mommy’s helper” — like a young teenager who could come be with your older kids while you are there and play with them, and keep them out of your hair? That might be something to look into! And they’re cheap!

  9. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    ((hugs)) Those first few months are so hard! I cannot even imagine how busy you are–I can’t potty train my kid SANS new baby…just think how completely mental *I* would be?

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