Friday’s recap 5/28

1.  Want your baby to wake up?  Start doing a chore or writing a post.

2. A great birthday party only needs a cake, a pool, and two uncles.  Gifts are just icing.

3. Sometimes nagging actually works.

4. Tornado E makes the best Captain Recycle.

5. Want to freak out a med student?  Allow her to hold your 6 week baby while you get dressed.

6. Did you know you can spoil a six week old baby?  Neither did I, but ask my grandma.

7. 4 year olds remember everything you say and repeat it back.  At the most inconvenient times.

8. Want to entertain your kids?  Pull out some of your old toys.

9. God, I was full of myself as a teenager.

10. When the boys are sick, they need lots of attention and don’t fight.  When they’re well, they fight and therefore need a lot of attention.


2 Responses to “Friday’s recap 5/28”

  1. ck Says:

    #8 worked for me until my daughter popped the head off of my Barbie and the Rockers doll. And then it was just like childhood again when I walked into the garage and found all the rest of my Barbies beheaded. I think my brother must have put her up to it…

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    #2 – You know — we have been to a lot of parties without presents, and they are usually the most fun. When there are presents, and the kid opens them in front of the other kids, it inevitably leads to tears and fighting. I hate that. I’d rather just have a nice play date and call it good.

    #1 – My god. I am WITH YOU on that one. Damn it.

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