A new rule?

Tornado S was pretending to pour juice and drink it.

Tornado S:  Mommy!  Do you want some juice?!

Me: Sure!

Tornado S grabbed his penis with his left hand.  He pretended to hold a cup with his right hand, placing it at the end of his penis.  He then proceeded to make a water-running noise.

Me: Uh, Tornado S?  What are you doing?

Tornado S:  I’m making you juice!

Me:  Out of your penis?

Tornado S:  Yes!  I make juice come out of my penis!

Me: Um, juice doesn’t come out of penises.

Tornado S:  It comes out of my penis!  Want some?!

Me:  No, thank you!

A new penis rule?  We don’t pretend drinkable fluid comes out of our penises.


8 Responses to “A new rule?”

  1. jc Says:

    Lovely. I’m imagining your Penis Rules go up to #28936784692: Your penis does not eat your homework.

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Oh wow. What an imagination. Next thing you know, Sean’s penis will be making up a fresh batch of world peace. 🙂

  3. Maureen@IslandRoar Says:

    I started to write several clever comments. Then I decided they were probably not appropriate. Let’s just say he’s adorable and I love this story.

  4. Coco Says:

    Oh, this made me LOL.

  5. blackhuff Says:

    The joys of having boys

  6. Gibby Says:

    This is DEFINITELY the best penis rule of all time!!!


  7. zeemaid Says:

    that has got to be the grossest story of all. 😉

    oh my.

  8. babytyche08 Says:

    Lol.. It made my ugly morning laughable. 🙂

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