Reported by my mom

Tornado E was watching TV on my parents’ bed as my mom read.

Tornado E: Grandma, why do I have gravel here?

Grandma: (looking up from her book) What, hun?

Tornado E: Why do I have gravel here?

Grandma: (Looking where he has his hands) Babe, that’s not gravel.  That’s your testes.

Tornado E: Oh.  So what are they for?

Grandma: Um.  Ask your mom.

Thanks, Mom.

My dad said they’re to keep a man balanced.

What would you answer?


6 Responses to “Gravel”

  1. jc Says:


  2. Coco Says:

    I like your dad’s answer.

    My husband swears it’s to give a guy something to hold onto during sporting events.

  3. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Hm… caught off guard, I might just laugh. Or maybe I’d say, “They’re there to help you grow up.” Or maybe “They’re there so you can make babies when you get older.” Or maybe “People just carry around baggage with them all the time.”

    LOL. That’s tough. What did you say?

  4. zeemaid Says:

    okay that floored me. I have no idea what I’d tell O. I’ve always been a firm believer in telling them the truth but really that’s a little TMI. After all, it’s easier with girls.. they just know babies grow in their “tummies” You say womb, they still say tummies. It’s all good. So far they haven’t asked how the babies get there…..

  5. Gibby Says:


    Love it! NO idea what I would say. Chuckles just asked me the other day why boys stand up to go potty. Obviously we are no where near the testicle talk yet, thank goodness.

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