Who we are

If you caught the very few photos I’ve published, you would know I’m blonde.  I like being blonde.  I’ve been blonde all my life, except for a night of wild blue hair, the second color I would choose for myself.  After a brief of stint of wanting red curly hair or straight black hair, which ended because my dad threatened to shave me bald if I tried and my mom convinced me that I would lose my beautiful varied highlights, I have enjoyed being blonde.  But once I accepted it, it dawned on me I would lose it and become a brunette like my mom and brothers.  I refused to give in without a fight.

So I started putting lemon juice.  When I didn’t have time to squeeze a lemon, I sprayed Sun-In on my hair.  That is my secret weapon that I don’t tell anyone.  Though my mom calls it cheating.  But she dyes her hair golden brown.

So the other day as I was spraying my hair, Tornado S came into watch me.

Tornado S: Mommy!  Spray my hair!

Me: Why?

Tornado S: I want to be like you!

Um, really?  But you have beautiful brown hair to match your brown eyes.  Why would you want to change that?  Oooooh.  Right.

Me: Not today, Tornado S.

Tornado S: Ok!  I want juice!

Maybe I’m too psychological for me own good.  And my son needs to learn his manners.


5 Responses to “Who we are”

  1. itneverrainsinseattle Says:

    Saw this on a bumper sticker, and it made me think of the fact that I, too, used to be of fairer hair:

    Not all Dumbs are Blonde.


  2. letmestartbysaying Says:

    Don’t you love when our kids, who have the attention span of a fly, inadvertently remind us that we’re hypocrites? Awesome.

    (BTW: I’m a natural blonde, and you can also use the discontinued John Frieda Beach Blonde line, the Sun Streaks HIghlighter gel rocks!).

  3. ck Says:

    Sun-In! I haven’t thought about that product since the 90’s when I also used to smear my body with baby oil and fry on the roof top. And here I thought it was just a Jersey thing. 🙂

  4. zeemaid Says:

    I used to use SunIn back in the days when my hair was only light blonde. My youngest daughter is blonde.. I’ll have to let know the trick 😉 Of course…. I probably shouldn’t.

  5. jc Says:

    I put raspberry yogurt in my hair to highlight it red for the prom. Not being a yogurt eater, I didn’t realize there were SEEDS in the yogurt. yeah, awesome.

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