Just keep swimming

Remember my post on swim lessons?  Well, the day after I published that post an amazing thing happened.  Tornado S ran off to his class without a backwards glance.  Amazing!

Then he hesitated by the water, backing up.  The female life guard on duty walked over and started to talk to Tornado S.  She convinced him to sit on the edge of the pool with his feet dangling, barely touching the water.  After some discussion, she threw off her shirt and slid into the pool.  She turned around and opened her arms to Tornado S, who jumped to her.  Are you kidding me?

I wanted to stand and get a better view.  I wanted to jump and shout.  I wanted to do a dance of joy.  But I kept my cool and watched as the life guard went through the exercises and introducing Tornado S to the class, his teacher, and the ramp.

He spent the whole week excited about class.  Before the week was out, Tornado S’s teacher came up to me after class to tell me how wonderful Tornado S was doing and that he probably only need one more preschool session.

Because in the afternoons, I was teaching Tornado S to swim with the same techniques I taught Tornado E.

As for Tornado E, at the end of his two week session, he decided to celebrate by jumping off the high dive.  I was watching the kids of Tornado E’s class jumping off the low dive; while, a few brave souls jumped off the high dive.  I squinted as I saw a little boy in blue swim trunks climb the ladder.  I realized it was Tornado E.  He only hesitated once when he got to the end of the rails.  He took a few breaths and then he walked to the edge and off he went.  My heart did stop.  He was fine.  My heart started again.

I can’t wait until we can all play Marco Polo.


6 Responses to “Just keep swimming”

  1. ck Says:

    Thanks for sharing this story, Fae. It’s so encouraging to read. My older daughter is still sitting on the edge of the pool, working herself up about the idea of swimming. We started her first lessons this week. I’m still crossing my fingers that it gets better.

  2. Ink Says:

    Huzzah! And you’re going to regret that Marco Polo comment when they make you play it All the Livelong Day.

    And CK, it does get better. I spent one entire session of Youngest’s lessons trying to get him into the frickin’ pool. Then this time? He hopped right in, as if he’d never blinked an eye. They do it when they’re ready! 😉

  3. Ink Says:

    Oh, and by one entire session, I mean FOUR WEEKS.

  4. femspotter Says:

    Swimming is the best! It’s great for all children to at least learn the basics so they don’t grow up with a fear of water or the inability to save themselves should they ever fall in by accident. Sounds like both boys are on their way to a lifetime of fun and healthy aquatics!

  5. zeemaid Says:

    right on! great job Mom. Your post title has the “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” line from Nemo running through my head *LOL*

  6. zeemaid Says:

    oh and O starts swimming lessons in two weeks and I am so hoping he participates…

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