Another setback

When things go from bad to worse, and you don’t think they can get any worse, and then they do.

Now my computer is having technical difficulties.  The Husband has volunteered to share the office, but we don’t share well. And there’s this little concern of him actually working from home and ACTUALLY needing the computer all day.  Because, you know, he works to pay the bills.  My little wage slave.  (Fie, take a bow.)  And when he’s not working, he’s either playing with the boys; while, I get something done like laundry or dinner.  Or we’re battling out demons together.  Because you know what they say, couples who battle together, stay together.  Hmm, that doesn’t sound right.

I best get back to the boys who are playing trains nicely together, but we all know that won’t last long.  Or I could take a shower and scrub off the sweat that accumulates in 106 weather.  Then the Thunderdome will rise in my living room as I try to enjoy my one luxury of body wash. 

I’ll be stealth like a ninja on all your blogs as I read from my phone again.



3 Responses to “Another setback”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:


    I’m sorry things suck right now. I hope you can resolve your computer issues and not have to worry about sharing with hubby. And I also wish you cooler weather. I would kill someone if I had to live with that sort of heat.

  2. Ink Says:

    I hope things get better soon, dear Fae!

  3. zeemaid Says:

    I hope you get your computer going again. My laptop is dying and it’s pretty depressing. Sometimes, I forget when I’m on the phone reading to go back and comment.

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