Weekly Recap 7/9

1. Kids will always surprise you where they want to eat for birthday dinners.

2. Graciousness has to be taught.  Over and over again.

3. The Husband believes he can skateboard like he did as a kid.  Over twenty years ago. Get the camera.

4. My children endear themselves to almost everyone.  Or maybe just teenage and early twenty-something girls.

5. When getting a haircut after in times of emotional turmoil, bite your tongue to keep from saying “CUT IT OFF!  MAKE ME A NEW PERSON!”

6. I did bite my tongue, which is why my hair doesn’t look like I cut it at all.  Which is a perfectly good waste of 35 bucks.

7. I wish I had bought 35 dollars worth of books.

8. Just when I’m about to crack open the Champagne to celebrate Tornado S’s accident-free underwear lifestyle, he has an accident.  Or two.  On the same day.

9. Pizza parties are the best.  They make you look like you’re a genius, even if you forgot about your son’s birthday until a week and a half before. (Granted I blame it on the zombie week.)

10. Your kids think you sing awesome even if you can’t carry a tune or are tone-deaf.  Your kids think you draw awesome even if your people are a step above stick figures.


3 Responses to “Weekly Recap 7/9”

  1. Average Girl Says:

    Hmmm…you are lucky, as my kids tend to cover their ears when I sing.

  2. Jane Says:

    I love your lessons! And boy, have I been there, done that with #8. Except our nighttime accidents (after a glorious 4 months accident free) lasted another 6 months. Ah well, pizza parties make everything all better!

  3. femspotter Says:

    Teenage and 20-something girls LOVE little boys! I remember when my little brother was about four or so, he was a ring bearer in a wedding and one of the bride’s maids was staying with us. He endeared himself to her and then innocently asked her if she wanted to sleep with him. That, of course, simply meant to cuddle in bed at night, which she gracefully understood and accepted.

    He can’t get away with the anymore! 😀

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