Recap 7/16

1. When one thing is broken and you’re finally getting to your feet financially, something major will break.  Like a car.

2. Did you realize with so many damn computers in a car that it takes days for a mechanic to find the malfunctioning one and fix it?

3. Luckily it isn’t my car, and The Husband works from home, but he did put a dent in the back fender.

4. Boys + Zombie game = morning chores barely being finished, toys strewed across the house, workbook undone, a new way to torture little brothers, and a new nickname for The Husband.

5. My parents rock as they took the two older boys for the night.  Sooooo, Mom, Dad, how about every week?  Or every other week?

6. Even though I didn’t get to watch Eclipse with the girls, I got to watch it with two of my favorite men.  Sort of like Bella.  Except one had to be rocked to sleep with a binkie and the other has never had a body like Jacob or Edward but is willing to hire Jacob’s trainer.

7. I heart cheap theaters.  And How to Train your Dragon.

8. Because my phone’s camera is so damn  slow, Tornado S now says when he takes a picture of me with his toy phone, “Ah, you moved!”

9. We are three for three in children with dimples.  The Husband has good genes.

10.  Tornado E is learning to wheel and deal things out of Tornado S because Tornado E is so good at “convincing” Tornado S.  Nice.


3 Responses to “Recap 7/16”

  1. Coco Says:

    #6 made me laugh. Now I’m picturing Edward with a binky.

    Hope you’re doing better, Fae. Thinking of you.

  2. Jane Says:

    #1 – Isn’t that always the way? Why, oh why, is that? and I heart How To Train Your Dragon, too!

  3. Evenshine Says:

    Ugh the car crapola. Hoping it gets fixed soon!!

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