A couple of weeks ago, we bought “Plants vs Zombies” because they had a free trial on the new computer, and it HOOKED us all.  Especially Tornado E, who using ABC (Always Be Closing), convinced The Husband to buy the game because WE NEED IT, DADDY!

Countless hours of killing zombies and The Husband trying to mind his tongue, Tornado E is obsessed, or at least that’s what my mom is calling it.  Tornado E becomes “obsessed” over everything he likes, such as Kung Fu Panda, Mickey, Oceans, or How to Train a Dragon.   Like I said, Ev-er-y-thing.  He talks nonstop about his current obsession.  He plays games surrounding his current obsession.  God help me if his current obsession also involves a Happy Meal.

So why did I not expect zombies would come up at Tornado A’s baptism?

Priest: And how are you, young man?

Tornado E: I’m fine.  My daddy bought “Plants vs Zombies” and the plants have to kill the zombies and they shoot things at the zombies and the zombies are tying to get into Tornado S’s house but then there are lawn mowers that get them.  Isn’t that funny?  And you know what?  The zombies keep coming and there’s a troll zombie with a little kid on his back and he shoots the little kid and he’s hard to kill.  My daddy is the zombie killing master.  And you know what?  Zombies-

Me: I think that’s enough, Tornado E.

Tornado E: But I haven’t told him about-

Me: I know.  Tell Uncle T instead.


5 Responses to “Zombies”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    So what you’re saying is that I should be totally psyched that my kid has a speech delay and doesn’t (or can’t?) ramble on like that. I get it. hahaha. (Seriously, I’m kidding.)

  2. Evenshine Says:

    Oh, zombies. Always cropping up where you least expect them…

  3. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    LOL! We’ve had similar unusual tales told to our Priest. He always looks confused but just smiles & nods.

  4. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    And congrats on Aidan’s Baptism 🙂

  5. ck Says:

    My daughter does that too. All the time. Though I’d love to have seen the look on the Priest’s face when he got schooled on Plants vs. Zombies. (Evan is just so cute it must have been very entertaining. For the Priest, anyway.)

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