What is the deal with my boys putting toys in their butt cracks?  I know this is just another human-anatomy-is-fun thing, but still.  It’s weird and gross.  Do other boys do this?  Do girls do this?  Or are my kids freaks?

For now, it’s underwear time instead of naked time.

Don’t worry.  I’m still working on finishing the other posts to conclude the story I was working on last week.  Tornado A is stretching out his time between feedings and not napping well.  I NEED those naps.


7 Responses to “Question?”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    ummmmmm sorry but my kids don’t do this. I’m gonna say it’s a boy thing and mine doesn’t do it because he’s been girlified by his two older sisters. *L*

  2. Steel magnolia Says:

    Can’t say that I’ve seen the butt crack thing, but my son is totally fascinated with his bottom.

  3. Brea Says:

    Girls do it too. *reminiscent snickers*
    Yes, it’s gross, but as my dad always used to tell me:
    “$h!t washes off.”
    My son, on the other hand, used his anatomy-is-fun opportunity to stuff an m&m up his nose, where it lodged. The vaccuum was finally used to extract the offending chocolate candy. He has much more respect for it now, as he should. 😉

  4. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    No crack toy sticking here, but I don’t let eldest run around naked on a regular basis. It’s not that I’m opposed to nudity per se, but he tends to run around like a banshee, so I feel like he’s more protected if he’s got clothes on. Maybe that’s naive or something. Who knows? But eldest does have a habit of putting his hands down his pants, absentmindedly. Just like his freaking dad. Grr. I am constantly saying to hubby, “COULD YOU PLEASE BE A GOOD EXAMPLE???????” Men!

  5. letmestartbysaying Says:

    For AGES my son would spend a lot of his play time sitting on the floor, shoving as many little toy cars, dinosaurs, helicoptors & the like into his shorts and underwear. My daughter doesn’t do this.
    Boys are weird.

  6. Evenshine Says:

    TOTALLY happens all the time. Mostly in the bath. Things in cracks are funny.

    (Insert 🙂 Beavis and Butthead laughing here)

  7. Jessie Says:

    Yep, my (almost) three year old girl does this. It’s either the fingers or a toy. I just keep some wet wipes handy and have her clean it off when she’s done. We’ve also gone to underwear-time now that she’s potty trained because she likes to rub her nether regions all over the couch, ottoman, blanket, my leg…

    Help! My couch smells like baby-butt!

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