Some notes

It was a hard week.  Tornado A is boycotting long naps.  Tornado E is boycotting naps period.  But then he’s five, so it’s to be expected.  I’ve been trying to develop more me time as well as time with The Husband.  Shocker, I know.  Tornado A is feeding every four hours, which means more time in between napping, but less feeding time to read and type.  I’m losing the best thing about me, writing.  Only I’ve been journaling, trying to figure things out, trying to fight the demons.  And the posts I promised last week are with my fact checker.  Guess I should light a fire under his butt to get that done.  Oh yes, and The Husband borrowed the laptop for a few days, so I had nothing, but a stupid zombie game that has a siren song.


One Response to “Some notes”

  1. Evenshine Says:

    Fae- you have many great things about you, and writing is only one facet. Don’t worry about promising posts, and then delaying…even indefinitely. Take your time. We’re not going anywhere!

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