It’s been two years since I wrote this post.  At least I knew it was lame when I wrote it.  It’s been a year since this post, even though this was the post I meant to write, which was late. 

And my world has changed.  I lost my favorite grandpa; I moved back to my hometown; I gained a sister; I had a baby; I started a hub page; I laughed at my kids; I laughed at myself; I fight deamons; I met countless friends who live across the world.  You are what I write for now.  Thank you.

Some fun stats:

This is my 690th post.

I’ve had 4,808 comments, but some of those are mine.

My busiest day was Sept. 22, 2008, when WordPress placed me on their front page and I got 763 hits.  Which was awesome.

Oh and my good friend Femspotter had a little girl last night.  She’s 9lbs and 9ozs, and Femspotter did it without meds, so please go over to her blog and congradulate her.

One Response to “Two”

  1. Gibby Says:

    690 posts! That is amazing! Here’s to 690 more!

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