Recap 8/6

1. I need to spend more one on one time with Tornado S; not only is he hilarious and smart, he talks with an adorable “accent.”

2. Yeah, I get it I “have my hands full.” Now if I could get a quarter for every time someone says that, I’ll have the college tuitions are paid for.

3. For all the excellent seafood and delicious sushi and steak I’ve had,  nothing beats a good hamburger.

4. Has it always been this expensive to send a package?

5. Inception= Brilliant.  Afternoon date= Excellent

6. Tornado A is a talker.  Surprise.  Surprise.  He is my child.

7. A warning to all those who think they can give my child their crappy Christmas gifts for me to deal with, you will get them back for your birthday.  Because I married into a new family, doesn’t change my family inheritance of pranks, jokes, and other forms of mischief.

8. I’m kind of liking planning spontaneous events and fun.

9. I admit it; I’m obsessed with having the perfect feet, like I had before kids.

10. In a family of perfect-gift-givers, it makes shopping for presents that much harder.  It’s really more of a curse than a gift.


2 Responses to “Recap 8/6”

  1. Brea Says:

    #2. Yes, you have your hands full of love. They’re just jealous. 3 kids is that much more joy to go around. You don’t hear much about “2-ring” or “4-ring” circuses. Only 3. That’s because they’re the BEST.

    #8. “planning spontaneous events”. *chuckle* I know, you have to plan to a certain extent when you have children of any number, but this still made me chuckle!

    Happy Friday, my friend! Love’em hard!

  2. Evenshine Says:

    Hamburgers! Yum.

    And regifting= awesome.

    Yay for date night!

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