Are you kidding

I was finally catching up on all my blogs when The Husband decided to borrow the laptop and take it to a friend’s house to show his buddy something.  And wouldn’t you know it?  He left there.  Then last night he went to his friend’s  house to pick up the laptop.  When he returned home last night from his “quick trip,” there was no laptop.  If his friend had the NFL ticket, I would be suspicious.  So I’m down another day.  Errr.


3 Responses to “Are you kidding”

  1. Evenshine Says:

    Arrrggghhh husbands….

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Men = morons. Sorry, men. It’s true.

  3. jc Says:

    Hey I still have lemon curd leftover from *cough* someone ELSE’S hubby *cough NAP*. The curd needs to be put to a good use. Like now.

    Or “borrow” something of his. R-e-v-e-n-g-e.

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