The meaning of mother

I just finished changing Tornado A’s diaper.  He tends to have a HUGE dirty diaper every three days because the kid only poops every three days.  As I walked towards the garbage, I heard “MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY!  I NEED YOU TO WIPE MY BOTTOM!”  That was from the five-year old who has retreated back to having his ass wipe because a) he didn’t wipe well a few times in a row and hates itchy butt and/or b) The Husband and I are having issues which might cause a regression in Tornado E.

And then I also heard, “MOMMY!  ME TOO!  WIPE MY BOTTOM!”  That would be from the three-year-old because Tornado E has decided nothing is better than having a poop buddy.

I sighed and ducked into the office to say to The Husband, “Mother.  Latin for butt wiper.”

Then I realized, it probably has a lot of other meanings.

Mother.  Latin for sleep deprived parent.

Mother. Greek for parent who picks up dirty clothes and toys.

Mother. Old English for the less fun parent.

Mother: Sanskrit for diaper changer.

Mother: Old French for cooker of distasteful foods.

Mother: Gaelic for nursemaid, chef, and battler of nightmares.

Mother: Old Germanic for fire breather.

Mother: Hebrew for baby carrier and child wrangler.


10 Responses to “The meaning of mother”

  1. comingeast Says:

    Loved your post. You’ll find the definition of mom constantly changes as your children grow up. All my kids have been grown and gone for years, and with my daughter, who has kids of her own, my definition is “One who listens to her daughter vent and doesn’t interrupt to offer advice.”

  2. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Old English for the less fun parent. WORD, girl.

  3. Evenshine Says:

    Germanic for fire breather- LOL!!!

  4. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Love it. Mother also means healer of all wounds with magic kisses. But I think my fab on your list is also “less fun parent.” No kidding.

  5. zeemaid Says:

    *LOL* maybe you should make it butt wiper extraordinaire!

  6. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    I remind them daily it means life-giver as in I brought them into this world & they better not forget it 😉

  7. letmestartbysaying Says:

    Definitely less fun parent, for sure.

    Please add: Italian, for One Who Does All The Frickin’ Packing, Unpacking, Laundry and Sleep Recovery When Travelling With Kids.

  8. Coco Says:

    “Mother: Old French for cooker of distasteful foods” made me bray like a donkey. I love your wit!

  9. Gibby Says:

    I LOVE this post!!
    Mother…slang for Play with me, I’m bored.

  10. gorgeouskim Says:

    hi there hows it going

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