Heads is . . . .

I think I’ve mentioned my sons’ obsession with “Zombies vs Plants” and their desperate need to watch their dad play the game.  So after dinner, the boys started begging their dad to play.

Tornado E: Let’s play zombies!

Tornado S: Come on!  It’ll be fun!

The Husband: Daddy has to work.

Tornado S: Peeeeeaaaaaasssssssssse!

Tornado E: Let’s play “Head’s and Memorials!”  Heads will be we will play Zombies.  Memorials will be you go to work.

The Husband: Ok.

Tornado E flipped a penny.  It came up tails.

Tornado E: That didn’t work.  Let’s do it again.

Tornado E flipped the coin again, and it landed on tails.L

Tornado E: Let me do it again.

This time Tornado E held the coin a foot above the floor, head side up.  Then he dropped it. I saw the tails.  Tornado E scooped it up.

Me: Tornado E what did it land on?

Tornado E: The floor!

Me: (laughing) No.  What side landed up?

Tornado E: Heads!  Let’s play Zombies!

The Husband: Let’s play then.

I laughed harder.

Me: Tornado E.

Tornado E: (sighed) Let’s switch.  Heads will be Daddy goes to work, and memorials will be Zombies.

Tornado E dropped the coin.

Tornado E: MEMORIALS!  Let’s go!

2 Responses to “Heads is . . . .”

  1. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Memorials? Much harder to say than tails, so I am impressed. I will also trade you a game of Zombies for Candyland…

  2. Jane Says:

    Heads and memorials! I’m dyin’ of laughter here!

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