The Glitch

I’ll admit it. Tornado S was relatively easy to potty train.  Sure, there was a whole week that he didn’t understand the concept of underwear are not diapers, but a couple of weeks of naked time, he got the whole concept.  He even got the concept of pooping.  Sure, he calls peeing poop and pooping green poop.  But you get the drift.  (Note: Never feed your child grape juice while potty training because the child will become fascinated with the green poop.)  All in all, it was an easy ride compared to Tornado E who would go hide to do his deed and I swore he would go to preschool with a pull up so he could poop in it.

Then something changed in Tornado S a couple of weeks ago.  He stopped wanting to pull down his underwear and shorts.  That was specially a Mommy Job.  But Mommy often has a baby in her arms and is trying to do three hundred things at once.  Besides he’s THREE; he can pull down his own underwear and shorts.  So one day I refused, and he peed his pants.  He was horrified and upset.  I calmed him, and we reached an understanding.  He was a big boy, and he could pulled down his own pants.  An understanding.

So I thought.

Then came the dribbling. Tornado S would hold his urine until he couldn’t hold it any more.  Then he would dribble a little out and was good to go for another hour or so.  Before when you asked if he needed to go, he would answer truthfully.  Now, he answers no.  Every time.  Even with a fresh urine strain on his pants.  What the hell?

I get it.  He’s too busy being an active kid.  Who wants to potty?  But seriously, I got to figure out how to teach him to go when his body calls or he’s going to pee his pants.

Then there’s the fact he goes three times a day.  He goes Three Times a Day.  THREE TIMES!  That’s not natural!  Ok, obviously this is a punishment from my young camel days when my mom was so sure I was just a day away from a UTI because I never peed.  Yeah, pay backs are a bitch.

So anyone with some advice?  Good or bad?


4 Responses to “The Glitch”

  1. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    What you have is regression. Which is suckage. Each of my girls was thisclose to being completely trained, and then we’d go on vacation or they’d get sick or something would happen and BAM! Regress.

    I am useless with advice but I have mountain-fuls of sympathy. ((you))

  2. zeemaid Says:

    I think boys can hold their pee for way longer than we can. I’m trying to think how often I see O going potty and I don’t think it’s all that frequent.

    I think it is definitely regression. My only suggestion to you would be to make him go every so often just like you would when you were potty training. This too shall pass but it’s a pain at the moment. ((you))

  3. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Okay – one thing I think is excellent advice that I got from eldest’s preschool teacher. Never ask if they need to go. Just say “it’s time to go.” Don’t give him a choice. If it’s been a while since the last time, just make him go. It would be better for him to go every two hours than to hold it all damn day. So, sorry dude, but when mom says it’s time to go, you must do it.

    That said, if you have any advice for my eldest who is bed wetting an awful lot these days, I’d love to hear it. I even wake him up at night to take him potty, and he still bed wets. I cut off drinks at 6 p.m. and he still bed wets!! I wonder what the hell sort of trauma I’ve put him through to deserve this. But I have no idea. We’re thinking of taking him to the doc. Geez.

  4. Jill Says:

    No real advice but I can comiserate with you. My 3.5 year old did the same thing when our new born arrived. I have tried to give him a measure of control with this approach, ” your body is going to pee but you get to pick where it happens”. It is having some success

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