Who needs sleep?

I’m starting to suspect there’s something wrong with me.  I’m not getting more than six hours of sleep, and I have no urge to nap.  I’m up late with The Husband, and I’m up early with the boys.  With Tornado A’s randomly short nap schedule, I’m always on the move.  Even when The Husband was away for the Chargers’ game, I still stayed up late . . . cleaning.

Now I’m no stranger to living on little sleep.  I mastered  it in college, writing papers at 2 am, after everyone was asleep.  Then there were the years of Tornado E waking through the night.   But I’m no longer as young as I was, and I’m beginning to wonder how bad this no sleep is for me.

I stopped going to bed at a decent time earlier this summer when my world shattered around me.  I feared laying in bed, thinking, analyzing, worrying, and basically driving myself crazy.  I feared nightmares and dreams.  I feared that all I would want to do would sleep for weeks until my soul healed.  I couldn’t do that.  So I worked myself to exhaustion and crumbled into bed to sleep deep enough to forget my dreams when I woke to the first cry or “Mommy” in the morning.

It seemed like a good plan until now when I’m starting to get only five hours of sleep and I feel fine.  Now I wonder if next month I’ll be down to four.  I wonder how this will affect my mind and body.  Will this keep me from making a right choice or react in a helpful way?

At least, on the bright side, my house looks great, the boys are happy, and The Husband I are actually sitting down and talking about something other than kids, bills, or politics.  And I’m doing some soul searching.  Now if I could only cram more blogging and writing, life would be golden.  Oh, and some more sleep.

4 Responses to “Who needs sleep?”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    Wow. I wish I could do that well on little sleep. I end up being the crabby monster when I stay up too late, which I do ALL the time.

    As long as you’re feeling okay both physically and emotionally, I wouldn’t worry about it. Obviously you’re drawing the strength that you need to function from somewhere.

  2. andrewmarlan Says:

    As a college student, I can relate to the whole not-sleeping-thing. Busy lives are stressful, but they are also the most fulfilling.

  3. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    I get about 4-5 hours of sleep per night, and I’ve been doing that for ….oh… well over a year. The only thing that’s really happened is that I’ve got lots more gray hair. Oh, and I’m a little more forgetful. That’s what my calendar is for.

    I have too much I want to do and need to do to sleep. I so wish I were like one of Stephenie Meyer’s vampires — they never sleep! Never! That would be awesome.

  4. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    P.S. But my house is not clean. I’m doing too much novel stuff to have a clean house, I guess. It’s my excuse. I keep thinking if I get the novel published (and make any money off of it), the first thing I’m getting is a cleaning service once a week. Meh.

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