Tornado E and Tornado S Appleseed

I haven’t picked apples since I was a kid.  The family cabin had three apple trees, one twig and two giants.  One late summer weekend, I spent the trip in the branches of one of the giants, eating apples and reading Little Women.

Last year I decided we needed to go to an orchard and pick apples.  But with The Husband’s work schedule, football season, and my lack of motivation, we never went.

This year I was determined to go.  So after a few plans laid to waster, I put my foot down and told everyone we were going, hell or high water.

After driving for an hour, The Husband started to legally represent the children with the adult version of “Are we there yet?”

The Husband: How far are we going?  Did that sign just advertise a hotel in New Mexico?  Are we going to get there today?  Good job, Fae; we should’ve gone to California.

My husband’s wit is particularly biting and humorous with lack of sleep.

Then we got there.  And the boys were bounding to get out into the fields.  As The Husband hunted for the perfect Golden Delicious Apples, I taught Tornado E and Tornado S how to pick with Tornado A strapped to me like a ticking bomb.

Me: Ok, you grab, twist, and pull.

Tornado S reached out and grabbed an apple.

Tornado S: Twist.

He twisted the apple.

Tornado S: Pull.

He pulled it off the tree and wandered over to the wagon and the five gallon bucket.  He dropped it in and meandered back.  He picked his next apple and grabbed it.

Tornado S: Twist.

He twisted the apple.

Tornado S: And pull.

He pulled the apple off.  He wandered back to the apple bucket and dropped in the apple.  Repeat.

Tornado E, on the other hand, singled out his victim and yanked it off the tree.  He filled his arms with apples plucked from the tree, sometimes with leaves still attached.

Tornado E: We tried apples at school!  I liked Granny Smith the best!  Can I pick a bunch of Granny Smith apples?  Please!  Hey!  Mommy!  Is this apple a Granny Smith apple?  Is this one a Granny Smith apple?  How about this one?

After Tornado E held as many apples as he could (around three or four), he ran and dropped the whole bunch into the bucket.  Then he ran back to the trees and yanked more of the trees.

So that’s how we bought 26 pounds of apples.

Any one have a good recipe for apple pie?  Or any other apple recipes?

2 Responses to “Tornado E and Tornado S Appleseed”

  1. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    Oh, I’ve been there 🙂 We did apple picking last year. I made an apple tart, apple spice muffins & apple butter. Then we used our juicer (which has been in hiding) this year for some apples Mr. J brought home from an outing. Apple pancakes are good, apples with potato pancakes, apple sauce and well after that I’m outta ideas.

    It’s SO easy to get caught up in apple picking, especially for the kids (well maybe I got caught up a little too last year & then realized later what I had done, LOL).

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, husband complaining notwithstanding. I recommend apple crisp. It’s quicker than pie, but just as delicious. I don’t really have a recipe for it, though. Food network has several awesome ones though. Have fun with it!

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