Y chromosome

During our first session of the parenting class, a couple began giggling over something the teacher said.  Like any teacher, she was curios over what the joke was.

The Mom: Well, the other day, at the babysitter’s, our son stepped on this huge lizard.  He’s six, and that lizard was HUGE, bigger than his foot.  I couldn’t believe how brave he was.  I wouldn’t have gone near that thing.

The Teacher: I think you need to examine why you’re son felt it was ok to kill something.

The Mom: ?

The Teacher: Your son decided it was ugly and scary and needed to be killed.

The rest of the class: ?

I related the story a few days later to the other moms at Tornado E’s kindergarten class as we watched the kids stare at a baby lizard they corralled in a corner.

Me: . . . And what made your son want to kill it?  Um, it’s called the Y chromosome.

We laughed and looked at the boys.  Tornado E had taken it upon himself to step on the lizard, but he kept missing.

Me: TORNADO E!  Don’t kill it!  If you want to do something with it!  Pick it up!  (Pause)  Like I said, Y chromosome.

3 Responses to “Y chromosome”

  1. jbenoit10 Says:

    So funny! Thanks 🙂

  2. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Apparently that teacher has never heard of this thing we call “a boy.” Geez…

  3. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    That teacher seems a little high-strung to me…

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