Check please

Tornado E had his first field trip this year.  The kindergartners went to the sheriff department station, a grocery store, and a pizza joint, where each child got to make his or her own pizza to eat.

Since Tornado A is still attached at the breast, I had to sit this one out.  I know, bummer.  So one of the mom’s related this story to me.

She was supervising the kids in washing their hands, thinking Wow, what a cute place; I should bring the family here.

Tornado E: Hey!  Look at that bug!

One Response to “Check please”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Oh nice. Geez…

    My hubby used to work in restaurants, and he says that almost all restaurants have infestation issues. But usually they try to keep up on it — having a regular exterminator come in and then a cleaning crew that cleans up after. I personally would rather not know what all is going on in the kitchen. As long as my food tastes delicious and has been cooked long enough to kill surface bacteria, I’m good.

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