Steps needed to build a crib

1. How does one convince The Husband to help clean the master bedroom so that we have room to build the crib that Tornado A so desperately needs in yesterday?  Key word: convince.  Not nag.  Convince.

2. Then there is the need to get said crib out of the garage, without dropping it on my foot.

3. But that would entail moving boxes.  And dealing with the honey that I accidentally dropped and broke the jar over two months ago.

Does any one have any suggestions getting honey off of a garage floor?  Without wetting all the boxes?

4.  Then we have to build the crib, which is a two-man job.  Preferably a husband and wife team that will nag, criticize, and wonder why they are still married when the other one is obviously an idiot who can’t follow directions.  Yes, my parents did build my crib for me when I was pregnant with Tornado E.

5. Did I mention I need to replace the mobile that Tornado S broke in his excitement to be able to stand in the crib and grab those cute little puppies?

6. Maybe it would be easier to just let Tornado A sleep with me in bed until he’s ready for a twin.

7. Obviously, I’m highly delusional.  And 4am tomorrow, I will wonder how the hell do I get The Husband to clean his f-ing stuff up or should I toss it in the home office.

3 Responses to “Steps needed to build a crib”

  1. evenshine Says:

    Honey: Damp, warm paper towels. Let sit. Repeat as needed. Follow up with detergent (I like Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner) for extra sticky-removal.

    And the crib? Yeah, good luck with all that.

  2. Ink Says:

    Ha ha ha! There’s always so much more to any given project than the project itself…

    Best wishes for a harmonious conclusion.

  3. zeemaid Says:

    Maybe if you put it to hubby in the form of “I really need to have this stuff cleaned so we can….” If that doesn’t work, you just might have to do it yourself a few empty boxes should give him a hint or two!!!

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