Best Friends and Playdates

Tornado S has a best friend, G.  And they A-dore each other.  Tornado E goes to school with G’s older sister.  So while we drop of our kids, Tornado S and G run off and play together.

Yesterday I decided it wsa a great day to buck the system and have a playdate instead of putting away the Halloween decorations, packing up Tornado A’s 6 month clothes, doing my laundry, or anything else on the list.

Me: So do you want to come over today and let the kid’s play?

K (G’s mom): No, we can’t.  I have to go to the chiropractor.  And I thought I would bring the DVD player with me and hopefully G will sit quietly and watch it.

Me: Why don’t you just drop G off?

K: Really?  You’re a Godsend.

So Tornado S, Tornado A, and I ran home.  Tornado S and I picked up and cleaned to make sure everything looked sanitary for someone to drop off her kid.  Wouldn’t want CPS to be called, would we?

K dropped of G.  The boys dove into playing trucks.  I smiled as I watched over the kitchen sink.  Tornado S looked up with a huge grin on his face.  He pointed to G as if to say, “Look, Mommy!  He’s here!  He’s actually here!  In my house!  Playing with my toys!”

Tornado S: G, you’re my bestest friend in the whole world!

G: You’re my best friend too, Tornado S!

They were inseparable.  I even grew bored because I didn’t have to manage them.  Or keep them from enter the Thunderdome.

Well, until G’s mom came to pick G up, and we started talking.  Tornado S decided it would be fun to take the truck G was playing with, and G started to get upset.  I told Tornado S to return the truck, and Tornado S decided to throw it in G’s general direction.  Then G had to retaliate and hit Tornado S in the back.  I’m not sure who was more horrified over her boy’s behavior: K or me.  So I scolded Tornado S; K scolded G.

G: Sorry, Tornado S.

Tornado S: I’m sorry G for taking your toy.

Then they were best friends again.


2 Responses to “Best Friends and Playdates”

  1. letmestartbysaying Says:

    Being a little boy is awesome.
    Mr T had friends over today & they all declared eternal undying love for me because I made Star Wars pancakes for their dinner. Oh, to be so easily pleased……

  2. faemom Says:

    lmsbs~ My boys would declare their eternal, undying love for you for Star Wars pancakes. Come to think of it, so would my husband.

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