Tornado A crawled yesterday.  It wasn’t pretty.  It was part army-crawl, part worm.  But he moved two feet.

Why didn’t I record it on the Flip?

And should I start hiding the good china now that the baby is crawling?

Just kidding.  The boys broke all the good china long before Tornado A was a thought.

Just kidding.  We never have owned good china.

No one gave us any when we got married.

7 Responses to “Moving”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Congrats to Aidan! Won’t be long before he’s walking…

  2. ck Says:

    We didn’t get any china either. I’m so glad we didn’t. I might feel obligated to have parties in order to use it. 🙂

    (PS: I guess Aidan has now officially graduated into tornado-dom!)

  3. jc Says:

    “But he moved two feet”

    You can start training him to take out the trash now. Yippee!

  4. Kat Says:

    YAY AIDAN!!! I need to come see him and the boys. Also PLEASE call me if you get some time. (ha like you ever get any of that) I got a new phone and lost some of my numbers. I have some wonderful baby news! Glad to see your back and Blogging. Lord knows I have missed you.

  5. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Who the fuck owns good china? Totally pointless item, right?

    On second thought, I bet I’m the only person in my Stepford neighborhood who doesn’t own good china. Hmph.

  6. the undomestic housewife Says:

    Aww.. Yay for Aidan! 🙂
    I don’t have good china either – it was soo freakin’ expensive – I like regular plates instead, haha.

  7. faemom Says:

    Fie~ If he’s an early walking, I’m blaming you and sending your boys a drum kit.
    ck~ I wanted china. We have the crystal though. (P.S. I guess you’re right. Dang.)
    jc~ Sweet!
    Kat~ My phone died too! So I’ll email you.
    TKW~ Believe me, you are. It’s standard for all Stepford wives.
    tuh~ I guess you’re right. Besides I took out four of the champagn flutes in one shot. I shouldn’t be trusted with china.

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