Just a Friendly Memo

As the youngest member to set sail with this band of pirates, you were given few responsibilities to prove yourself.  We are happy to say you pass with flying colors.  Though.  There are a few things to improve upon.

We don’t like the grumpiness that begins around a quarter to five when the quartermaster/cook is at her busiest.  We don’t appreciate the grumpiness that lasts until the bedtime.  Yes, you do muscle out of it once in a while, when the quartermaster or captain hold you or when the quartermaster tickles and plays with you.  Or when your fellow crew members lavish happy attention on you, but then one can’t expect you to be too happy when one of your fellow mates is talking to you two centimeters from your face. NO ONE likes that.

While we are pleased that you are finally taking morning naps that are longer than a half hour, the two-hour ones are a little annoying.  Especially since the quartermaster is scrambling to stock up on supplies.  In a perfect world, the quartermaster would leave you and your crewmates with another authority figure to run for supplies.  Unfortunately, the captain is reviewing another ship, and this crew cannot be left without some sort of authority figure.

As we are already on the subject, please note that a long morning nap does not give you permission to dismiss the afternoon nap.  Missing the afternoon nap will be seen as mutiny.  And we cannot have that.

Also to note, the sooner you find your voice, the sooner you will be given a voice on adventures and plunder, but not to dismiss the captain or quartermaster.  We have fought too hard to lose the ship now.  If you think you can rebel against bedtimes, please take it up with your fellow crew members because, sailor, the quartermaster has never backed down from that rule.

Thank you.  We look forward to many years of swashbuckling, fighting, plundering, looting, and swimming with you.

The Quartermaster.


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