It’s amazing how much work goes in for an event that takes less than 24hours.

Friday I ran around getting things together.  Making appetizers, cleaning the house, finishing craft-gifts, taking care of baby and boys.  I started top really lose it as we got close to leaving for my parents’ house for my dad’s family Christmas Eve party.  I shouldn’t have stressed.  Everyone else was at least a half an hour late.  My grandma was an hour and half late, which was remarkable because technically she was two hours late because my mom gave her an earlier time.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have two boys that need early bedtimes and a baby who could hear all the fun that was being had without him.  He could barely be bothered to eat.

My uncles indulged my boys with swords and mini-remote-controled cars and other toys.  My mom indulged the boys in extra cookies and desserts.  And I indulged them with staying up late and driving around looking at Christmas lights (thanks, Jane, for the idea), even though The Husband was worried about how long it was going to take us to put together the bikes.

He didn’t need to worry.  He was gone before 11.  I finished up some cleaning and setting the stage for magical memories.  The Friendly Giant, my sweet baby brother, came over at 11:30 with my camera that I left at my parents’ house.

Christmas dawned.  The Husband was over WAY before the boys woke up.  We were ready for Tornado E.  Who took one look around and.  Melted.  There was no blizzard marker to be had.  Why would Santa be so cruel?  Luckily The Husband was in charged of the last Tornado E gift and bought a light saber game, which Tornado E loved, even if it is a little advanced for him.

Tornado S.  Tornado S loved his pirate cave and the pirates I bought on e-bay, three times the price I could have paid if I had bought them the year before.  Sigh.  But Tornado S was in love.  And didn’t care about any presents.  Not one.  For the rest of the day.

Tornado A was just glad to have paper the crinkle and rustle.

Then Tornado E noticed a toy among his pile of Santa gifts.  A gargoyle toy from the cartoon Gargoyles that I had bought for cheap at a used book store.  Still in his package.  And Tornado E was in love.

As we drove to my parents’ house for a delicious breakfast The Husband made for everyone, Tornado E exclaimed, “Santa brought me something I always wanted but never knew existed.”

Yup, that’s Santa.  Or God.  I can never remember.

Now all that’s left is to write the thank you notes that I’m sure I’ll forget to send.  Again.

3 Responses to “Breathe”

  1. kluckmeister Says:

    Gargoyles is an awesome cartoon. Watched it recently in the hospital with my friend when he was accidentally impaled with a broken bar glass.

  2. jc Says:

    “Santa brought me something I always wanted but never knew existed.”

    LOLZZZZZ! and LOL at not getting a stupid blizzard maker. He’ll thank you later. And you’ll thank you later!

    Glad the day is OVER and everyone lived to tell about it.

  3. Josh Sterner Says:

    It always seems to be so much build up to something so short, but it’s always worth it. Nothing fills my heart more than to look on my boys faces when they see what Santa brought them.

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