Recap 12/31

1. Never assume any game that someone says “Pee Potion” is just all imagination.

2. My first thought when water didn’t come out of the pipes this morning was “Did I forget to pay the bill?”  Which followed with “no” and “they wouldn’t shut it off without notice and before 7am.”

3. It was 25°F when my dad, my hero, came over at a 7:45 to unfreeze my pipes.  Yes, the desert gets that cold.

4. Stupid winter.

5. I’m now more surprised Tornado A hasn’t crawled, since he’s been rev-ing up on all fours for a couple of weeks.  Though he gets around well with rolling, squirming, and army crawling.

6. I am so ready for school to begin.  My sanity and my children’s well-being depend on it.

7. Want to know why I gave up wearing nail polish on my finger nails?  The f-ing chipping.  Like I have time to redo my nails every other day.

8. Let’s add Tornado S now having accidents every day and Tornado E coming and sleeping with me every night in the middle of the night to things that show my kids are totally stressed out over the separation.

9. Pirate Radio is F-ing hilarious.  Or maybe it was the company of my baby brother, who has kept his natural, free laugh.  Or both.

9 1/2. What the hell is this pop up that’s being blocked as I’m trying to type this post?  Jerk.

10. As for yesterday’s post, that probably sounded pretty hard on myself, I have a plan!  Sometimes God/Fate/The Universe slips something into your hands when you need it.

One Response to “Recap 12/31”

  1. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    OK, the 1st one had me dying. I’ve been there, not with a pee potion, but with other “I’m sure that’s not real…” only to later say “WHAT IN THE &^%^ who did this? WHY, OH WHY!!”

    Yea, boys are fun.

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