A Sense of Fashion

The holidays make me long for a girl.  It’s all those adorable holiday dresses.  Those dresses with cute shoes and cuter tights.  With adorable purses.  I must look at them with too many sighs because two weeks ago, Tornado E said, “Mommy, I think you would look good in that one; get it.”  Thanks, baby.  The last time I wore girl’s clothes, you’re weren’t even a thought in my head and I had a adorably, cute flat stomach to show off.  Sigh.

Where was I?  Right.  Fashion.

But then I have to look at Tornado E.  Who has a pair of pajama pants with skulls and cross-bones and red x’s all over them, and because the pants came as a gift without the shirt, he has declared them Fine To Wear In Public.  Granted, he would give his underwear the same title if I let them.  Tornado E wore those pants with a blue shirt with a pirate skull on it with a Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers commemorative scarf as his outfit to school.  Today it was those pair of pants with his skeleton shirt (the kind with glow in the dark rib care and spine) with a cheap spiky blue wig from a LA Dodgers game.  If I didn’t have a rule about always having to wear tennis shoes to school, he would have worn his fireman boots or his brand new cowboy boots.

The kid is so much fun.  As long as he’s dressed for the weather, I give him free rein.

When it comes to special occasions, Tornado E will not be topped.  He’s a little upset with me for not buying him more good shoes, but what’s the point when they’re only for church?  Last year he picked out a shirt and tie combo because he wanted to wear a tie tack.  This year, I bought him a blue shirt and khaki pants, which at first he disapproved.  “Mommy, it’s too plain.”  The disgust was dripping from the words.  But a few days later he noticed the embroidered C and laurels on the right breast pocket.  He was sold.

The best part is for Christmas, he decided to paint his nails.  The right hand was green.  The left hand was red.  He had to paint the red.

So who needs a girl?

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