Important Truths

Why smart people do not have kids:


15 Responses to “Important Truths”

  1. Jen @ Momalom Says:

    Thank you for this, Fae. It’s very familiar. Very.

  2. Old Mum Says:

    Yeah, my house after the grandkids leave…

  3. kloppenmum Says:

    Yep, that’s just what I’m avoiding this very second!

  4. jc Says:


    sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  5. mrs.undomestic Says:

    I guess it’s a sign of how crazy I am that after looking at that, I still want a kid.. 😛

  6. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    When did you sneak into my house and start taking pictures? 😉

  7. Ink Says:

    LOL!! Right on!

  8. zeemaid Says:

    yup we’re living the dream. 😉

  9. Shmone Says:

    Hey that looks like my house.. except.. the wrong kids.

  10. faemom Says:

    Jen~ It’s my pleasure. I try to find the humor in it all.
    Old Mum~ At least they leave and aren’t underfoot when you try to right the house again.
    kloppenmum~ I was cooking dinner, though I wish I was doing something more fun.
    jc~ You know, in all your commenting I’ve read, you’ve never mentioned kids. Are you one of the smart people?
    mrs.undomestic~ At least you’re going in with your eyes wide open.
    Fie~ Don’t you only have two kids? Though I’m willing to loan out a couple at any time you wish.
    Ink~ Do you agree?
    zeemaid~ LOL And aren’t we envied for it?
    Shmome~ If I remember correctly, wouldn’t your house smell of fresh baked bread? Mine, unforunately, does not.

  11. jc Says:

    If *I* am one of the smart people, I fear for our planet.

  12. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Yeah, I only have two kids, but my house frequently looks just like that. UGH.

  13. letmestartbysaying Says:

    Instead of colored paper string thingies, that I see here, picture this with teeny tiny Legos from a dozen Star Wars Lego sets littered about. Then stir in various doll house, tea party and bigger Lego pieces. That’s my entire basement.

  14. Gibby Says:

    Love these pics! That’s our house, but change the colors to pink, purple, and anything pastel! Gag.

  15. ck Says:

    That is the perfect caption for these photos. And there was a way to comment with a photograph from our playroom, you’d feel waaaaaay better about your view!

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