Busy Work


I should be doing last minute cleaning, while Tornado A is napping, in preparation for an afternoon playdate.  But I’m hiding from the dust bunnies to write this.  Though Tornado S has found me quite quickly, asking my opinion on which Star Wars character will beat which other Star Wars character as he flips through a match-up battle book.

Yup, I feared the Disney take-over in my household, but with a bright smile, I handed the key to my sons’ hearts and minds over to an Empire of evil and good and aggressive negotiations of conflict resolving.  I’m brilliant.  At least I replaced all their “big” Star Wars action figures with the little mini ones because the mini ones have heads permanently attached.  It took me months to find Count Dooku’s head.  Though Yoda’s head is permanently missing.  Lately Tornado S has been trying to convince me that he won’t pop off their heads anymore.  No Jedi mind tricks are going to convince me of that.  Not with a baby officially mobile in the house.

Tornado S just shoved a pirate into my face, an inch from my nose.  Disney may be able to recapture my children’s hearts as they are producing a pirate show geared to preschoolers.  And my boys love pirates.

Where was I?  Right, I meant to write and avoid sweeping and dust bunnies because after the kids get done with the house this afternoon, no one will recognize the house as clean.


3 Responses to “Busy Work”

  1. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Cleaning for a play date is overrated. I mean, like you said, it’s going to be a disaster when it’s all over anyway. No need to get it spic and span.

  2. kloppenmum Says:

    I agree, cleaning before playing is definitely over-rated. Mind-you, in the early days, cleaning before coffee-group was about the only cleaning I did…the embarrassment of having other women, who I hardly knew then, see my mess was a huge motivator! Now they know me…

  3. Jane Says:

    I heart Disney! And I am so sad that my boys are out growing their shows geared for a young audience. I just can’t take Zack and Cody.

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