Recap 1/21

1. The boys find it hilarious to tell me they hate me.  Hil-arious.

2. Is it any wonder why Tornado A is my favorite?

3. Contrary to popular belief in my household, I do NOT like to yell in the mornings.

4. They are FINALLY selling caffeinated hot chocolate at my grocery store.  I’m in love.

5. Tornado A and Tornado S are tag-teaming nap times.  I don’t get a moment to myself until after bedtime.

6. Tornado E went his first day without accidents yesterday!

7. Due to complications, my mom won’t be able to start chemo until next week.  Ugh.

8. I love having a babysitter.  It’s nice to go out and be a grown-up once in a while.

9. When I tripped and rolled down my drive-way (which is like a 45 degree angle), I probably blew my whole sexy look, but it must have been hilarious to watch.  To his credit, The Husband didn’t laugh and was very concerned.

10. Road rashes suck.


5 Responses to “Recap 1/21”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    That’s not great news about your Mum, hope the complications don’t hold her treatment up too much longer.

  2. letmestartbysaying Says:

    Good luck to your mom. You may know mine finished her chemo a few months back, on a positive note. So really, my hopes are hovering over you.

  3. faemom Says:

    kloppenmum~ Thanks. She tries again Wednesday.
    lmsbs~ Thank you. I’m hoping we have the same luck you did.

  4. incognitomom Says:

    Good luck to your mom.

    Oh, and I’m right there with you on the yelling.

  5. faemom Says:

    Thanks. And I know. God, I know.

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