Recap 2/4

1. I seriously need to know who invented caffeinated hot chocolate.  I’m going to raise several statutes in his/her honor.

2. Apparently when I make a life change, I change my hair.  Please keep me away from all scissors and hair dye.

3. Tornado A has figured out he can get around faster on hands and knees, instead of dragging his body by his elbows.

4. Tornado S, The Dictator, has now added buying him new Star Wars figures to his list of demands.  Luckily I still have the key to the kingdom.

5. Tornado E is testing a new hypothesis that all of life’s problems can be solved with some sort of tantrum.  I plan to disprove this theory.

6. It would be totally awesome if someone from the rental companies would return my call so I could look at their rentals and possibly actually rent one.

7. I really hate the idea of packing and moving.  But I hate it much less than the thought of sharing my room with a baby who thinks 5am is a grand time to talk to mom.

8. After a few days of worry, my mom’s white blood cell count is finally normal.  Yea!

9. My BFF has forgiven me for once again celebrating her birthday one day late.  But she did torment me by telling me she’s going to one of my favorite restaurants and ordering one of my favorite meals; granted, that might be revenge over the last time I went out for sushi and texted her a picture of the food.

10. I think I may have said this before, but it bears repeating.  Sleep is overrated.

9 Responses to “Recap 2/4”

  1. kloppenmum Says:

    Wow, great news about your Mum. Hope she continues to respond well to treatment.

  2. jc Says:

    Glad things are looking up for your mom.

    My fave meal is monterey chicken at chilis. The earth’s rotation must stop if I see a chilis.

  3. D Says:

    So happy that your mom’s results came back good! 🙂

    And, hope the rental company calls you back.. I’m with you, I hate moving.. But sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

  4. John Rambo Says:

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  5. faemom Says:

    kloppenmum~ Thanks.
    jc~ Thanks. Awesome. She was going to a place, that I swear, serves the best clam chowder and the best bread. She bats her eyes at the waiter and gets a bread bowl. Lucky.
    D~ Thanks. I know. Stupid moving.

  6. faemom Says:

    You’re right to be upset. Obviously you have experienced great pain due to American women. I feel that you shouldn’t put up with that crap. American men would never cheat, divorce, get beer bellies, refuse to pay child support, not clean, not cook, not want children, prefer younger and younger women, not want to watch their kids, not want to change diapers, not play video games or watch sports all day, etc. Apparently American men, like you, need a more sophisticated class of woman. So I think it would better your chances if you went abroad and found your perfect woman.

    Bon Voyage!

  7. kloppenmum Says:

    Please no, John. Stay there.

  8. faemom Says:

    kloppenmum~ I heart you.

  9. kloppenmum Says:

    Back at ya babe – enough of *those* guys here already!

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